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why is [PtCl4]2- square planar & [NiCl4]2- tetrahedral ?

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    (PtCL4)2- has square planar geometry because it has 4 bonds and 2 lone pairs of electrons. Pt is one of those strange elements like S and P that has 6 regions of high electron density. Look at it like this: Draw Pt in the center, and put 4 Cl around it. Now each Cl comes in with 7 electrons and Pt comes in with 6. Because there is a -2 charge you add two more electrons. So now you have each Cl bonded to Pt with a single bond which means 2 electrons. Now you have 4 extra electrons which means 2 lone pairs. hope that helps.

    (NiCl4)2- is tetrahedral because it has 4 bonds and no lone pairs of electrons, which means it has 4 rergions of electron density.

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      It is just due to the orbital size increases so pt and pd form diamagnetic square plannar complexes but nickel form paramagnetic tetrahedral complexes

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    It will be answered by CRYSTAL FIELD THEORY.

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