Okay R&S experts, what constitutes "chatting" so I don't get another violation notice for this???

Okay, once again, I got a violation notice for chatting. I'm sure that this will be construed this as well.

So, will someone tell me what can be said on here that will not be considered chatting,

and more importantly,

why do the report happy people even care??????

As long as the posts are not insulting, demeaning, or degrading, why flag them????

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    In my opinion, Since I could be crowned the "Queen of chatting", I don't have the true understanding either.

    For one: When asking a question, Do your best to make sure the post is in question form. Especially not directed at an individual.

    When answering a question. If in doubt, always say, "in my opinion".

    YA does not have an exact guideline defining chatting. I have checked.

    Avatar "games" are a bulls eye for a violation. Another is prayer request.

    As why do such things get reported. Why do mean, nasty people do anything? Because they are mean and nasty!


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    If you address a question to a specific person, that's chatting. If you discuss personalities of the people here, that might be considered chatting. As to why people care, I don't know. It's technically a violation of Community Guidelines, but I think it's more likely that you have annoyed someone for reasons that have nothing to do with the "chatting" designation. Or maybe it's because you were chatting about them? Or maybe because you were NOT chatting about them!

    Who knows? Just read the Community Guidelines over again and resolve that you will stay so far from violating them that if it does happen that you get reported, you can appeal successfully.

    BTW, I do not think the terms in the Community Guidelines are the only reason people report. Or they read them very differently than I do. I only report if a question or answer is WAY over the top.

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    1 decade ago

    Most of the violation notices I get are considered "chatting" or "not a question or an answer."

    Yahoo has resorted to using "chatting" as their standard reasoning for any question or answer they deem unworthy, even if it doesn't actually fall under chatting. This has happened so much so that many of the people in Polls and Surveys often put "in no way should this be construed as chatting" in their answers and questions.

    Report happy people are cowards. Instead of being adults, they run and tell because they aren't mature enough to confront people directly. Reporting and blocking are for children on the playground. Adults are responsible for their words and actions.

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    Chatting is when you are talking to others and not either asking a question or providing an answer.

    Just because you get a VN that cites "chatting" does not mean that you were actually chatting i.e. holding a conversation with a person rather than asking and answering. If you do not think you were chatting simply challenge the violation and state that you were not chatting.

    Recently I was reported as soliciting, which I did not do, and successfully challenged it.

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  • if your answer is not specific to the question being asked and if you look at the community guidlines that may clearify any doubts re chatting. Its pretty defiant about what is chatting suggest reviewing guidlines they give examples this way you know their definitionNewsTravelFinanceEntertainmentYahoo!My Yahoo SearchSearch:

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    Yahoo! Answers > Yahoo! Answers Help > Abuse

    What is considered “chat”?

    Yahoo! Answers is a question-and-answer community of people sharing knowledge. We provide a couple of different ways for members to connect with one another, including email, instant message, and a comments area, so chatting in questions and answers is not allowed. When people use Answers to chat with each other, it lowers the quality of the site and inhibits knowledge-sharing.

    Here are a few examples of what we consider chatting:

    How (are you, old are you, was your day, is everyone today)?

    What are you/What am I (doing, thinking of, wearing, etc.)?

    Guess my/Can you guess my/What's your (name, age, sex, weight, birthday, location, etc.)?

    Do you like my (avatar, web site, poem, etc.)?*

    We also consider questions that call out other users by name to be chatting. If the intent is to ask a follow-up question in response to someone else’s question and that person is not available via email or IM, post a new question that’s open to everyone in the community to answer – there might be someone else who’s better equipped to answer it.

    * Please note that exceptions to this rule would have to satisfy two criteria: The question would have to be 1) advice-seeking and 2) knowledge-worthy. For example, it would be OK to ask, "How can I improve my poem?" or "How do I make my avatar look more attractive?"

  • Suen
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    Hard to say, there is a lot that goes on that doesn't get reported. Most likely people who don't like what you are saying or know your views on things and are just targeting you because of that. Apparently the process in automatic after so many reports. There isn't someone monitoring the system.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some people on here will report anything. I have had violations for not asking a question and my question was right there. They may be offended by what you are talking about, it happens to all of us. Just keep asking and hopefully you willl have people that are interested in answering and not just reporting.

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    Well... while I agree with UP as to what it ought to be as per the TOE I must say judging from my own violations chatting would be anything typed within any box within Y! Answers...

    in other words... dont use your regular account and make multiple back ups...

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    Technically, every question posted is chatting. Maybe we should start reporting every question, just to teach Yahoo a lesson.

    Seriously, it's annoying, eh? It's utterly ridiculous that Yahoo doesn't protect us better against the report monkeys.

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    1 decade ago

    I didn't see your other posts... but chatting is saying things to a specific person rather than to the general public... roughly. Violations for acknowldging your contacts are common.

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