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Can Someone Please Tell Me If.........?

Can someone please tell me if it's alright to use two virus scanners on my computer? I currently have Norton Antivirus 2007, but something tells me it's not doing it's job. I had a bunch of spyware popups showing up & my home page got changed. I cleared out my cookies, changed my homepage back, & somehow (I don't know how I did it) I saw my browser wasn't through internet explorer anymore, it was through Real.com...So I got rid of my real player, closed my computer down for a few hours, came on & they were all gone...after I came back on, Norton did a scan & found there was a trojan horse virus on my computer & it deleted it automatically...I'm thinking of adding Alwil Avast! 4.6 home edition to my computer, but the last time I had more than one, my computer seemed to attract more viruses & spyware :(....What do you think? Should I or shouldn't I?...........Thanx

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    u can not run 2 anti virus at the same time on your computer. either it will crash or it will not allow u to install another antivirus. this is the way it is. and norton anti virus is good just keep it up to date and do a scan every week once and u will be safe. avast is not better than norton so dont change to it.

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    Antivirus might not do the job here. What you need is anti-spy ware software. Two of the most well known (and free) are Ad-Aware by Lavasoft and Spybot S & D by Safer Networking. There is no harm in installing both of these as they seem to compliment each other.

    If these don't complete the job, then you can also try HijackThis. What this program does is, it tracks down all the processes running on your system and saves a log file. You can post this log file on any of the forums (for e.g. bleepingcomputer.com) where experts would be able to help you out for free.

    Hope this helps.



    p.s. For an anti-virus, I personally recommend AVG anti-virus which is also free.

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    I am not a computer guru, but the general advice is to have only one anti-virus, anti-spyware program. They interfere with each other. How is beyond me, but that is the advice I have been given by someone I think knows what they are talking about.

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    you need an updated version or norton then, it is ok to have 2, but it is not recommended. choose the one that gives you less pop-ups...

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