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As we all expire from this Earth eventually, is quantity more important than quality?

We all want to live a long time, but as they say, life gets in the way. Health, relationships, and just the status quo changes as time goes on. In order to live a better life, is it more important to do what we know is right; eat well, maintain a healthy weight, practice religion, be kind to others and self, work at a successful career (moneywise and otherwise), so that we can have a LONGER life or do we do what we want, when we want, so that our QUALITY of life supercedes? Or, are they intertwined?

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    I have a standing order to all who know me, that If I cannot speak for myself, do not take me to the hospital, but call the nearest Vet, for they are still healers. If I can not recover in a goodly time, then it is my wish, and my right that I be taken beyond the 200 mile limit into the ocean, and be tossed to feed the sharks.

    Quality of life far out-weighs quanity, just ask anyone waiting to die in the old folks home. Most of them would have their minds returned to them with as little as 3 hours of sunlight a day. A proper "Job" could be found to where they could feel productive... My Great Grandfather at age 97 looked in his 40's. He would get out on the wagons and help throw the hay into the loft, 2 bails at a time. At 98 he retired. At 99 he looked every bit of 100. He never did live to see 100.



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