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請問有冇知呢首係咩歌~ thanks

i need you,

and you need me.

this is so plain to see,

and i will never let you go and,

i will always love you so.

i will...

if you could only see,

your heart belongs to me.

i love you so much, i'm yearning for your touch.

come and set me free,

forever yours i'll be,

baby won't you come and take this pain awayyyyy.

last night,

i couldn't even get an answer.

tried to call,

but my pride wouldn't let me dial.

and i'm sitting here,

with this blank expression.

and the way i feel,

i wanna curl up like a child.

tell me the words to say,

to make you come back,

and work me like that.

and if it matters i'll rather stay home,

with you i'm never alone.

don't want to wait till you're gone,

let me be, just don't leave me.

i'm so alone i'm soooo lonelyyyyy,

why don't you pick the phone,

and dial up my number,

and call me a baby,

i'm waiting on you.

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    It's call Last Night, There's two singers for this song who called Diddy & Keyshia

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    It is called Last Night, There are two singers for this song who called Diddy & Keyshia

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    The full lyrics of this song you can find:


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    Sorry because full lyrics is too long and this system did not let me copy it so you can only watch the website above.

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    Last Night - Diddy. Ft. Keyshia Cole

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