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~~復活節~~ <Easter>


復活彩蛋 <Easter egg>


復活兔(邦尼兔) <Rabit Bunny>




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    Easter. The first sunday after the yearly vernal equinox month circle, two days before Easter, which is called the Good Friday. On that day, followers will have a serious mood for commemorating Jesus for dying for us on the cross. Three days after that, he arose. That, is the day we call "Easter."

    Easter eggs

    Eggs symbolizes new life. The hard egg shell can't limit the new life that it breeds. On Easter, people celebrate by dyeing the egg all kinds of colors welcoming the season Spring. Many people paint pictures relating to Easter on the boiled egg. For example: the Cross, nails, lily, rabbits and so on and then make exchanges, reminding Jesus's arise. Also, some people like looking for painted eggs. Adult hide the eggs first, then the children are supposed to go find them. The person who finds the egg has to tell the significance of the design painted on the egg, or else they can't win the egg.

    Bunny Rabbit

    Based on the European ancient fable, the hare are animals that doesn't close their eyes, they can observe other creatures in the nighttime. Therefore, the hare represents the bright bright moonlight in the dark night sky. Plus, the way you calculate the days of Easter are based on the spring month circle as the standard. The main reason people make hares the symbol of Easter is because of their strong reproductivity. After this tradition spreads to the U.S., American has also given a cute name for the rabbit, they call it Easter bunny!


    Lilies bloom at the season close to Easter, it's been used as a symbol of Easter lately. The way that the lilies blooms after the bulb of lily rots under-ground was used to analog the revive after death.

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    Easter is after every year vernal equinox month circle first Sunday

    Easter previous two days, is the Good Friday, the follower can bring

    the serious mood, commemorates Jesus to replace common people's crime

    to sew dies on the cross. Jesus's after dying third day reactivating,

    that is precisely in our mouth "Easter".

    The egg, symbolizes the new life. The hard egg shell is unable inside

    the limit the new life which breeds. Easter that day, the people

    celebrate the way dyes the egg all kinds of color to approach on

    behalf of the spring Some many people can the egg which boils

    thoroughly with the pigment mark the design which is connected with

    Easter. For example: Cross, nail, lily, rabbit and so on. Then

    mutually exchanges, reminds Jesus's reactivating. Also some people

    like playing seek the painted eggshell the game, the adult first

    painted eggshell Tibet in the garden thick patch of grass, lets the

    children look. Finds the painted eggshell the person, wants to say on

    the egg the design significance, can obtain the attractive painted


    Based on the European ancient fable, the hare is an animal which one

    kind of day of death does not close one's eyes, they can in the

    nighttime, watch all around other animals, therefore, the hare

    represents in that dark night turn of bright bright moonlight. In

    addition the Easter day computation will be thereupon regards as

    Easter take the spring month circle as the datum on spring the

    reproductive capacity strong hare a symbol. After this custom spreads

    to US, the American has also taken a lovable name for the rabbit,

    calls it Easter a nation a Buddhist nun the rabbit!


    The lily around opens in Easter, the modern times serve as

    Easter the symbol. Flower's corm after underground is rotten the life

    which breeds new goods come into the market, after analogy death


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