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我該怎麼做 ?





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    West Taiwan is located nearby the Pacific Ocean, four sides WAN HOI,

    coastline altogether long 1,,566 kilometers. Originally with mainland

    connected, the latter reason orogenesis causes the stratum change to

    become the islands, exquisite beautiful and is world famous by the

    scenery. The Taiwan area including the Taiwan main island, the Penghus

    and other is island altogether 86, the total acreage 36,,000 square

    kilometer ﹝ Taiwan Province area 35,,575 square kilometers ﹞. The

    Taiwan main island north and south fore and aft is 377 kilometers, the

    thing most is wide place is 142 kilometers. The Taiwan multi-

    mountains, the elevation 100 meters above lands account for 70%, below

    the elevation 10 meters account for 30%.

    The Central Mountain Range wadding extends the north and south,

    divides the entire island for thing two, eastern part multi-

    mountains, west multi- plains. The main mountain altogether has 49, is

    highest by Yushan, elevation 3,,950 meters. Taiwan because of the

    topography influence, the slope steep water is been anxious, the flow

    , 10 kilometers above rivers ideas have 6, take the Zhuoshuixi

    river most length as 186 kilometers. But the Tropic of Cancer passes

    the Jiayi County boundary, divides this province for the tropics and

    the subtropics monsoon climatic region, because latitude lower,

    therefore burning hot is moist, the annual mean heats in 20 ℃ above.

    The Taiwan villain is thick, therefore the land utilization should

    face, the efficiency economically, the fine goal development, and

    emphatically hillside care and sea Guangdong newborn care development.


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