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急件~跪求有關NK cells翻譯 兩天內要10點part1

NK cells are specialized immune cells named for their ability to respond swiftly to the invasion of pathogens without prior stimulation. They are able to recognize specific proteins on the surface of abnormal or infected cells and respond by releasing enzymes that poke holes in a target cell's membrane and killing the cell. Tumor cells can also be besieged by NK cells if they lack the proper surface markers that designate them as being normal "self" cells. These markers tell patrolling NK cells that normal cells should not be attacked. Cancer cells sometimes have missing or altered markers on their surface, making them targets for NK cells.

NKT cells are another type of cell that share some characteristics with NK cells, but have only recently been appreciated for their role in immune defense. In contrast to NK cells, some NKT cells have been implicated in dampening the immune response to invading pathogens, rather than initiating an attack. However, both NK and NKT cells secrete, and in turn are controlled by, interleukins (ILs). Many different types of ILs, each carrying its own message between cells, are sent and received by a variety of cell types. IL-12 and IL-18 are two interleukins that, when received by NK and NKT cells, activate the cells' immune response and relay the signal by triggering the release of another immune messenger molecule, interferon-gamma (IFN- γ).

Since large populations of NK and NKT cells are present in the liver, the NCI researchers examined the potential for using IL-12 and IL-18 together as a therapeutic regimen against tumors that originate in, or spread to, that organ. They showed that treating mice that had cancer with IL-18/IL-12 induced high levels of IFN- γ and greatly reduced the number of tumors in the liver.

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    NKT細胞是另一種與NK細胞有些相似特性的細胞,並直到最近它們在免疫中的角色才受到正面的認可。與NK細胞不同的是,有些NKT細胞被暗指它們會抑制對於病源體的免疫反應,而非啟動攻擊。 然而NK與NKT細胞都會分泌白細胞介素(interleukins, ILs),並同時受其控制。許多不同種類的IL會在細胞間傳遞自己的訊息,並由不同種類的細胞所發送與接收。IL-12與IL-18這兩種白細胞介素被NK與NKT細胞接收時,會啟動這些細胞的免疫反應,並起始釋放另一種免疫傳導分子gamma干擾素(IFN- γ)來傳遞訊號。

    因為有大量的NK與NKT細胞存在肝臟中,NCI的研究者檢驗以IL-12與IL-18作為療法來對抗在肝臟起始或已擴散至肝臟腫瘤的功效。實驗顯現出,在使用IL-18/IL-12 治療患癌老鼠時會產生高量的 IFN- γ,並且大量的減少肝臟中腫瘤的數量。

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