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英文演講比賽~幫我找講稿!! 20點 急!!


1.My favorite TV program

2.My best friend

3.I want to be a/an...

三選二 . 全找最好





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  • 1 decade ago
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    2. My best friend is Hannah. She is my classmate. She is tall and has black long hair. I like her because she is a very nice person. I like to play balls with her in the gym class. She is also a very good student. Her favorite subject is Math. She always help me with my homework when I have problem. Her mom cooks very well. We enjoy sitting together and sharing our lunchbox during lunch time. I go to her house and play with her on weekends. We play Wii, watch TV, chat, and play with her puppy "Snowball" together. Sometimes she comes to my home. We jump on my bed, laugh, and have a very good time. I care about Hannah very much. I hope we can be friends forever.

    3. I want to be a model. A lot of people tell me that I really should try because I have a good chance. I watch "America's Next Top Model" with my parents and learn how to post from the show. Although I'm not very tall now, Mom tells me that I'll still grow if I drink more milk and exercise more. I want to be a model because they look so great. They always have the newest beautiful colthes to wear. People take care of their hairstyle and makeup. Model also have more chances to travel because of their work. That is another reason why I like the job.

    2008-03-08 11:57:32 補充:

    I just wrote there. I don't know anything about the English education in grade school level. I hope these are neither too hard nor too easy for them.

    I mispelled "clothes" in the forth sentence from the bottom. There might be more mistakes. Check with someone else.

    Source(s): I wrote these.
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