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What would you do as President?

This is what I would do on the issues, what would you:

ABORTION: We're overpopulated, I'd allow women the right.

ECONOMIC STIMULUS: No taxes under 50k, or no more IRS.

EDUCATION: Federal loans and Obama's tuition credit for social service.

ENERGY: Race to lead the world in green tech, convert entirely to green tech and stiffen sanctions on environment impact.

ENVIRONMENT: Too much to say here, but there are outstanding proposals left on the table gathering dust. I'd just do what Bill Clinton failed to do, and act on this promise.

FREE TRADE: Keep it but offer tax+incentives to companies that invest in American jobs.

GUNS: Allow Americans to have guns but not people with records or mental illnesses.

HEALTHCARE: Federal watchdog group and stiff sanctions to abuses by private healthcare. Offer Universal Healthcare to children or seniors who have worked a certain amount of years.

HOMELAND SECURITY: Wall with Mexico, bring back troops, expand Border Patrol, deploy Nat. Guard


HOUSING: Offer better incentives to areas with population decline esspecially to immigrants.

IMMIGRATION: Provide work visas to Mexicans that they can renew after 1-2 years if they pay taxes, don't break the law.

Update 2:

IRAN: Sanction any real action by Ahmadenijad and show him the only way is by cooperating with the US. No Nuclear Program while he is making threats to kill all Americans and Israelis.

IRAQ: Leave Iraq, have a permanent base, claim victory when that country looks like Saudi Arabia and can develop its infrastructure + economy.

GAY MARRIAGE: They've been with us since day 1, made contributions, allow them to get married; only God can judge.

SSI: Cover the uncovered people.

STEM CELL: Invest in science so the US leads the world in technology.

TAXES: Consider replacing income tax with the sales tax and dismantling the IRS. Stop Loan-Shark operations and Privatized Student Loans.

Update 3:

Chiksite, so far, I'd either vote for you or pick you as my running mate, good job.

Update 4:

excellent thud-fan.

I would make $4000/mo. the minimum salary for our military.

Update 5:

We have the budget to direct funds to the right places and take them from the wrong ones, billions of wasted dollars wasted by special interests, millions paid off to CEOs who are getting fired, we need to pay attention where every dollar goes. Denmark has a sound economy because it watches its budget closely, same goes for Norway, and they have taxes and services far beyond ours. We can use the money where its needed, all we need is a better system.

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    I would repeal all the laws that took away the Americans' rights. The right to drive responsibly, insurance being up to you, or as in some states, if you're involved in an accident, you pay for your own loss. I'd enact an across the board tax on sales which everyone would have to pay and I mean EVERYONE. I would disband NAFTA in a heartbeat, period. I'd make the necessary adjustments in Iraq so our troops could come home or continue to serve in Afghanistan until that war was over, quickly as I'd view it. I look for fossil fuels that exist in the US in great quantities and we'd begin our own oil industry. For everyone who used geo-thermal heating & cooling systems, I'd reward them with a government check over a 10 year period that would pay it off over that course of time. Social Security would be a hands-off item! The only hands they'd go into would be those who are receiving it. You would be free to own guns, I'd actually encourage EVERYONE to carry one over the age of 18 if they didn't have a violent background or were too mentally impaired to use it properly. I would (because I'm a woman, no doubt) encourage Americans to once again take up vegetable gardening for the environment as well as to save money. Most laws would apply to the government and not against the American people, who are after all, footing the bill for everything. We need a 50 foot high block fence about 10 feet thick built from around Brownsville, Texas to southern California to dissuage Mexicans from invading our country. This would also provide many jobs. Lots of things I'd do, really.

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    I would -

    Get rid of the Education Dept - it's redundant

    Re-negotiate our treaties with Japan, Germany, Great Britain and Italy...Bring our combat troops back to US soil...Take the money we save from having them there and build a couple more carrier battle groups...This will allow our Navy to have shorter deployments.

    Call all ambassadors in from the countries we have been pouring money into, especially in Africa and S. America...Demand an accounting of their expenditures...If there has been no improvement to their economies or infrastructure, they are cut off and their debt is written off.

    Make sure that our veterans are cared for in the same manner they were while in the service - and for the same cost...Caregivers are compensated.

    Tax deductions for pets - horses: $500; dogs: $100; cats: $50

    If an illegal immigrant breaks the law here, they are deported - period.

    Open up Anwar to oil production... Only rule - leave it the way you found it...Allow a couple more refineries to be built...We have the technology to do it cleaner, cheaper...Ban oil from Venezuela and Iran and any country that wants to do us harm.

    Strongly promote alternative energy sources - wind, solar, nuclear, clean coal. microwave

    All vehicles will run on alternative fuels within 15 years...Marshal government agencies with civilian operators to make it happen.

    That's for starters

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    I comprehend what you assert, Obama isn't My President, Bush is until eventually Jan. 20, Obama mentioned that we could have basically one President at a time. look, i'm a Republican too, and that i voted for McCain who became not my superb decision, I chosen Huckabee for the duration of the Primaries, Be that because it would desire to. i'm chuffed that African American little ones can wake yp contained in the morning nad comprehend that they don't would desire to wait for being basically a rap megastar or a activities megastar they are able to be something they want, it extremely is a robust message which may well be mentioned to Black gang contributors that think of the only way they are able to have funds or happiness is seeing it relatively is the only element they might desire to wait for. That being mentioned, i'm afraid that the fee which would be paid for this guy contained in the white abode would be too intense. The DNC prepared this all the way, 7 weeks until eventually now the elections the inventory industry Crashes ? Bull Crap, that may not a accident ! I did my examine, Democrats in Key Positions began chickening out their 401 ok's whilst they gained the Mid term elections and started urging employer's like Freddy Mack and fanny would and Lehman Bros to approve of those intense probability loans, to convey down those companies, McCain warned approximately that 2 years in the past, even with the indisputable fact that it fell on deaf ears. people think of Clinton became good via fact he fastened the Deficit, Bull he did so via Borrowing off of Your Social protection, Do your examine guy

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    Abortion: America is overpopulated? Have you been in a plane?

    Education: Obama's $4,000 tuition credit would result in colleges increasing tuition by...$4,000.

    Stem Cell: I assume you mean embryonic stem cells. All of Europe and the American private sector have researched embryonic stem cells. Tell me what they have found?

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    Free insurance to people that squirt out kid after kid to put on the medicaid rolls, and IF the older people have worked long enough, they can have healthcare too.

    Free medicaid to pregnant women that had a little "whippee" a couple of nights and now deserve free healthcare cause they are creating us another child to insure under medicaid the rest of its life...

    gimme gimme gimme give me.

    all you tax payers pay for all this stuff now...come one idiots.

  • Ron Paul takes the words right out of my mouth.

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    Where are you going to get all the money for that?

    Tax the evil rich?

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    Cash my first check then quit. Let my successor fix all the problems above just like all the presidents.

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    pay tax like everyone

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