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America Becoming a Nation Of Debts?

People were dogged with the past memory,with the thought of voting for Clinton because a win for Hillary would put her husband, the former president, back in the White House too: "Oh God,With Bill Clinton. All our Life's was so good back with Clinton."as acclaims, going forward with this assumptions actually USA going near to a bankrupt country for sure, we might as well consider bring back the spirit of Abraham Lincoln to Washington.

Now we now living dangerous becoming a Country of Communism Socialize Union past,Only Bush/Clinton Have the the only RIGHT to be American President attitudes sooner or later we shall see a DYING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We have been Living so close with Ideologies of the Father\Son\Husband\Wife\Daughter Monarchy of Bush/Clinton Dynasty.

Hillary was right to mentioned during the Texas rally " America needs to BORROW MONEY even from his "FOE CHINA" just to buy Oil as payment to Saudi" "What happened to other American Allies?like UK,Japan,maybe they have exhausted too much already, Perharps the most closest America ally like Saudi may start to wary of America ability to pay, as old debt accumulates,.in asking the payment upfront from USA.

Now America have new reputations "World-Wide eyes as Nation of Debts!!!"Many his Allies now trying to avoid at any cost from America,they're removing their fund from USA banks.During Bush /Clinton terms were cause of letting the" LOBBYIST" to dance with ideas with Sub-Prime Mortgage are their faster solutions as early in 2000, they can thinks of,Which I Views as "SWEEP UNDER THE CARPET" solutions by their administration which the people feels everywhere the easy money lies,during their terms american having a happy attitudes settled them well,they adopted this, to solve nation temporary problems, but only now that many people realised how TRUE to be homeless now with forecloses and bankruptcies pettitions,Only now they start to realises the decisions made by so called Commander-In-Cheif .

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    No, America has less debt than Japan. Japan has a higher GDP/debt ratio.

    To r1b1c* :

    Many countries around the world call the U.S. the word "America".

  • Please understand that the United States dollar is worth $0.04....that is 4 cents..... When your currency costs more to produce than it is worth....your country has problems....and you ask if we are a nation of debts.. The answer is obvious....... We are not becoming a nation of debts, we have arrive and in grand fashion.....check out the debt to the penny at the link below.

    if the dollar actually had value and was backed by the Unite States Government (it is not) via the Gold Standard instead of a Banking Corporation (Federal Reserve) which backs the currency with ummmmmm nothing......then the debt would not be a problem.

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    America is NOT a nation. America is a continent with 37 nations the US is only one of those nations.

    The US is by far more indebted that what it can ever pay....

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    We are in one of the worst, if not the worst, debt situations ever. The generation that has to deal with all the debt is seriously screwed.

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    i'd give ya that-if I still had it!


    no i wouldn't

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