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How can I stop feathers from leaking out of my feather pillows?

I just bought two feather pillows from Target and the little "stems" of the feathers keep poking through my pillow case and I end up pulling the feathers out because the ends keep poking my face. Does this subside after I've had them a while or is there anything I can do to prevent this?


Theyre not coming out of the seems of the pillow, theyre coming out in the middle of the fabric.

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    Probably the easiest thing to do is put two pillow cases on I've done this before and it worked

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    There's not a whole lot you can do short of getting a good pillow protector. Then you have to shake, fluff, and smooth it daily. You got a cheep pillow with a low thread count. The higher the count the tighter the weave. All feather pillows do that eventually but not when there new.

    Source(s): Buy nothing but feather pillows, used them for years.
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    i'm sorry but I think that comes from a cheap feather pillow. All the cheap ones i've had do that. I got a ralph lauren comforter at a yard sale and it never does that.

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    no count number what you do, or how expencive your coat is, that is nonetheless gonna have feathers comming out (except it has approximately 4 or 5 layers of cloth to objective and poke via, yet i do no longer think of they cause them to). I had a coat that became a $3 hundred Nautica coat, and it had feathers comming out of it each and every of the time. yet to maintain them from poking you and sticking on your shirts, placed on an somewhat lite jacket below it. it will save the feathers from sticking on your shirt, and you gets further heat temperature from the greater jacket. desire this permits.

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    Use a pillow protector and even double pillow case it! I do this and it keeps the pillow fluffy too!

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