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Has the policeman's motto changed from " to protect and serve " to the current " to harrass and intimidate " ?

do any of you think twice when you are ordered to take actions that may or may not violate someone's constitutional rights ?

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    Grace and peace to you.

    It is all because of the so called "War on Drugs".

    The people that lobby-ed Congress to pass the laws that made drugs illegal, did it to make money off of them.

    If you research this you will find that this is true, opium was legal, pot was legal and you could order morphine from sears and roebuck catalog at one time in the past before government sold us out to big business.

    When drugs where legal people had less addiction to them and the crime element was none existent for the most part.


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    i think that the recent illumination of acts of some police officers have caused citizens to think that the focus of law enforcement has changed, but really it is the light that has been placed on those very few officers that have taken the authority to the extreme. police officers still ahve th4e job of protecting and serving, but that doesnt mena to intimidate and harrass the citizens. there is an exception. i feel it is opkay to harrass criminals and to intimidate tehm. the police have to have the upper hand when it comes to enforcing the laws and preventing crime. if you, as a citizen, are being victimized by a criminal, you would want someone to step in and take care of the problem.

    if you have a problem with the way that police officers in your area are acting or conducting themselves, contact your political leaders in the city and express your concerns. if you get no results, go vote. vote the people out.

    Source(s): Criminal Justice student, Retired Paramedic/Firefighter
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    No Tony. Policing has only changed to deal with the new challenges and threats they deal with everyday. If a Police Officer asks you to do something, they are making that request on behalf of the city. state or federal jurisdiction they work for. As public servants, they have a job to do and tax payers would expect that they use whatever means necessary to reduce violence, crime and fear. I have always found those who believe Police were harassing them, were in fact doing (or about to do) something illegal or risk harm to themselves or others - police save lives and protect property. Many years ago, if you were doing the wrong thing or even out in public at night you would be questioned by police and perhaps given a good hard whack around the head before being told to go home.

    The 50 year old person above who answered your question makes a very valid point. Being asked to do the right thing by police is also an opportunity to correct your mistake instead of facing criminal charges. If you think it is wrong, then challenge the desicion at a later date but if you challenge the officer at the time, you are only asking for trouble.

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    Am I going to be the only one who thinks that your two statements disagree with each other?

    Of course I think twice if someone's constitutional rights are being violated, but am I in the minority in still supporting the police who risk their lives to protect us?

    It could be because I live in a smaller town, but I still believe that just like every single organization, group of people and corporation, there are bad apples and A$$h%le$, but the press likes a good story and the focus is always squarely laid on them and yet most of the department is still honest, hard-working folks that are struggling to keep up their image. They must get tired of everybody dumping on them all the time!

    All I know is that if I'm ever in need, if I'm ever attacked or if someone I care about ever needs someone - I'm calling the police and I'll be damn glad that they are there!

    I'm so saddened by the anger people have towards each other in our own country these days.

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    absolutely not....... there are good and bad in all walks of life.

    they protect and serve and sometimes lay their life down and trust me it not for the money law enforcement is paid.

    ride with a cop one patrol and see what they deal with on a Regular base. They have one of the highest burn out rate divorce rate and suicide rate in any job field.

    their mates children and family always live with the knowledge of how easy it is for something to go real bad; real fast and daddy or mommy is never coming home.

    Next time u feel harassed or get angry for a speeding ticket.

    Make an officers day and thank him or her for their sacrifices.

    It takes special people to be in law enforcement.

    They need our prayers and appreciation and a little respect.

    I am a nurse. there are good and bad nurses too.

    I salute our heros in blue...........

    I thank God for our often unsung heros.

    So here is my smart ---- answer for a dumb disrespectful question.......

    Source(s): grew up with law enforcement.......
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    There is very little the Queensland Police does that doesn't raise an eyebrow, whether it is murdering Aboriginals in custody, arbitrary use of power, attacking protesters, taking six months to withdraw charges despite being ordered by a Judge to do so...

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    People say this..

    But i just read in the newspapers of a lady saying that she felt like this until she was mugged on the street and in conflict with armed man her small child fell.

    After police found the guy, she changed her view. So because you get a ticket, maybe officer stopped you from having an accident. Or you were drunk.. Like that lady who killed a 10 y'old while being drunk. Now you know how sorry she is.. And it would have been better if a cop arrested her, and if he did she would probably be pissed at him..

    Look from the view of a police officer. I'm sure there are some nasty cops but most are not like that..

    And it's not only cops who can be nasty, there are just some nasty people. (nasty teachers, doctors, and so on...)

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    I have seen some very negative things from police and I have seen some very positive things. They can't all be heaped in one bucket. I just do my best to stay on the right side of the law, that way I have very little to do with them.

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    Amazing. I'm 50 years old and have never been "harassed" or "intimidated" by a police officer. Maybe if idiots stopped breaking laws and acting stupid the cops would leave them alone like everyone else.

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    You most definetly have NEVER been called to a Hell's Angel's function on a noise call!!!

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