fun poll if you're bored?

Pick One...

red or yellow

green or blue

twilight or new moon

new moon or eclipse

eclipse or twilight

j.k. rowling or stehenie meyer

soccer or basketball

basketball or baseball

brittney spears or paris hilton

edward or jacob

math or science

spanish or german

england or ireland

japan or china

pizza or hamburgers

burger king or mcdonalds

taco bell or taco johns

dairy queen or sonic

nebraska or iowa

illinois or missouri

europe or asia

u.s. or canada

tv or computer

guiter hero or dance dance revolution

pop or rock

killers or nickleback

fall out boy or panic at the disco

31 Answers

  • L
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    1 decade ago
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    yellow (better color for sports cars)

    blue (turquoise)



    JK Rowling (Harry Potter was the shiz)


    neither, keira knightly

    Edward (Vampires win over werewolves any day in my book)


    German (they have good beer, sorry I'm biased)


    Japan (sorry, anime and sushi is just too good)

    Pizza done right

    Burger King (although not as good as Jakes)

    Taco Bell (although I'm still skeptical after that finger incident)

    Sonic (they bring the goods out to your car, come on)

    Nebraska (it's just a cool name)

    Illinois (Missouri sounds miserable)

    Asia (Again, Japanese food gets me every time)

    US (those stupid Canadians keep thumbing everyone down)

    Computer (more interactive)

    DDR (I play on heavy, it's the best feeling nailing a song)

    Rock (Beatles, best band ever)

    Killers (Brandon Flowers is just awesome)

    Fall Out Boy (Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump are amazing together)

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  • 1 decade ago

    red or yellow- yellow

    green or blue- blue

    twilight or new moon- new moon

    new moon or eclipse- new moon

    eclipse or twilight- twilight

    j.k. rowling or stehenie meyer- don't know

    soccer or basketball- basketball

    basketball or baseball- baseball

    brittney spears or paris hilton- Britney Spears

    edward or jacob- Jacob

    math or science- Science

    spanish or german- Neither

    england or ireland- Either one

    japan or china- Neither

    pizza or hamburgers- Pizza

    burger king or mcdonalds- Either one

    taco bell or taco johns- Taco Bell

    dairy queen or sonic- Sonic

    nebraska or iowa- Nebraska

    illinois or missouri- Missouri

    europe or asia- Europe

    u.s. or canada- USA

    tv or computer- Computer

    guiter hero or dance dance revolution- Guitar Hero

    pop or rock- Rock

    killers or nickleback- Nickleback

    fall out boy or panic at the disco- Neither

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  • 1 decade ago



    New Moon


    J.K. Rowling


    Paris Hilton








    Taco Bell







    Dance Dance Revolution


    Nickle Back

    Fall Out Boy

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  • dumont
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    a million. Do you reside interior the U. S.? sure, florida 2. have you ever seen a ghost? nope 3. Do you go with rooster or tuna? rooster 4. From a million to a hundred what's your in demand quantity? 12 5. what's your in demand colour? i dont have one 6. what's New 12 months's Day to you? the commencing up of a clean 12 months 7. Do you like polls and surveys? sure :) 8. might you pay $30 for a hamburger? if i became fairly hungry and had the money, confident. 9. whilst will you die..?? dont comprehend yet 10. Are you destined for Heaven or Hell? heaven 11. in case you have gotten ONE super power. what might that is? suggestions analyzing 12. Coka Cola or Pepsi? pepsi 13. the place are you placed suitable now? abode (florida) 14. what's one element you may desire to no longer snort at? i dont comprehend 15. in case you have been to run away, the place might you circulate? virginia sixteen. what's the 1st element you do once you awaken? examine or get my ipod 17. are you able to call something yellow? banana 18. Do you place on glasses, contacts or NONE? glasses 19. in case you have been incorrect...might you admit you have been incorrect...? no, i might shop arguing 20. Do you like Y-solutions? yeah 21. what's your primary call for a woman?I even have such loads of twenty-two. what's your addiction/obbsession? manyy 23. Do you like your call? its ok 24. Are you cool? you guess 25. what's the worst movie you have ever seen? duplicity 26. Whats your in demand music suitable now? undesirable romance female gaga 27. suitable 5 issues to do once you're bored? ipod, facebook, examine, television, telephone 28. what's your in demand juice? grape 29. Do you have any siblings? nope 30. Did you like this poll? yeah :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Rock! US! YA! how about Idaho? What a burger! pizza! Japan, Ireland, Science,Math, Jacob,Britney Spears... she'll make a come back! She has her Daddy and Mom, now! Baseball,I knew The D backs and The Red socks would win World Series! I could be very rich right now! I like blue! Eclipse the car, are so much fun on an mountain road, going extremely fast. driving all alone, with the music blasting!! Also with a new moon surrounded by the twilight of the stars! The best seeing a UFO, I have many times, don't care about what people say, I seen them! :) have fun, that's what were here for right! nice too have met you.

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  • Red





    J.k. Rowling



    Britney Spears








    Taco Bell

    Dairy Queen






    Guitar Hero



    Fall Out Boy

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  • 1 decade ago

    red or yellow- red

    green or blue- blue

    twilight or new moon- New Moon! 'fo sheezy

    new moon or eclipse-New Moon

    eclipse or twilight-Eclipse

    j.k. rowling or stehenie meyer-Stephenie Meyer

    soccer or basketball-Soccer!

    basketball or baseball-Basketball

    brittney spears or paris hilton-ewww.

    edward or jacob-Edward

    math or science-Science

    spanish or german-German

    england or ireland-England!!!!!!!!

    japan or china-Japan

    pizza or hamburgers-pizza

    burger king or mcdonalds-Mc Donalds

    taco bell or taco johns-Taco bell

    dairy queen or sonic-Sonic

    nebraska or iowa-Nebraska

    illinois or missouri-Missouri?

    europe or asia-Europe

    u.s. or canada-Canada=lower crime rate

    tv or computer-Computer

    guiter hero or dance dance revolution-Dance Dace Revolution! Oh yea!

    pop or rock-pop/rock/alternative/indie

    killers or nickleback-Killers

    fall out boy or panic at the disco-Panic at the disco

    Source(s): my brain.
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  • 1 decade ago

    - Yellow

    - Blue (Aqua)

    - Twilight

    - Eclipse

    - J.K. Rowling

    - Basketball

    - non but i guess Britney Spears

    - Edward

    - Math

    - Spanish

    - England

    - China

    - Hamburgers

    - Burger King (Whataburger)

    - Taco Bell

    - Sonic

    - Iowa

    - illiois

    - Europe

    - U.S.

    - Computer

    - Guitar Hero

    - Rock

    - NIckleback

    - FOB

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yay for boredom!



    no thank you

    crappy books

    seriously folks

    j.k. rowling. don't even try to compare them. please.


    erm, neither

    *ahem*, check above answer


    science, I guess


    ireland, though I really want to go both places



    burger king, if I have to choose. they at least have veggie burgers.

    taco bell

    dairy queen




    canada...I'm sick of the U.S.


    guiter hero


    no thank you


    wow, I didn't notice how few of those things I would like until I actually took the survey. oh well.

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  • 1 decade ago





    -->J.k. Rowling








    -->Japannn.That Was Where Gloomy Bear Came From<3



    -->Taco Bell<333

    -->Dairy Queennnn.<3










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