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Bible stories of forgiveness?

I want to start planning some Bible studies with my children, each exploring differnt moral virtues. I would like to start with forgiveness. What are some good Bible stories to start with?

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    my favourite is....the prodigal son!

    because it entails SO Much!!!

    The son took his inheritance, went off, squandered it all, had a great time, Then...realised, when famine came, that he had nothing left. Even resorting to eat pigs food. it was then, he realised his folly, and could see the way of life he had been living, was completely fruitless and a waste of time, even his fathers servants were far better off than what was happening to him now! He resolved, to go back home to his father, to say he was sorry, and to be prepared to take a far lower place in life, he had been Last!!! he was repentant!!! realised his error and was determined to DO something about it. This takes courage, doesn't it?

    to humble ourselves under the mighty Hand of God, and walk humbly before Him. Meanwhile....his Father no doubt had been praying for the life of his son.....that his son would turn around, and come back to where he belonged in life.

    His Father believed his prayers would be he was a man of Faith and courage!!! Every day he would look for his prayers to be answered!! He believed!! day....far away in the distance....he saw something!!! It was his Son....he would know that walk...or posture, anywhere!!! Great joy overflowed from his heart, and was, "kill the fatted calf, get the best robe, a ring, New Clothes...." and seeing his son from far away....and his sons hesitancy......the Father RAN to his son!!! There was NO...."now son, before we go any further, what do you have to say for yourself?" The proof was in the pudding!! Here was his son, returning, his son that from all accounts, had died spiritually...he had been living a life that leads to death...a life of uselessness. yet here he was, on his way home. The son had No idea of the response he would get......he knew he deserved nothing!! Can we imagine how humbling it would KNOW we deserve nothing...and yet through the power of love and forgiveness, our wrong doings are flung away like a dirty old rag, in Gods eyes, and He forgives and gives blessings..IF our HEARTS are repentant.....and we are truely sorry for the wrongs we may have done. The Father ran to his son, embraced him, and called for the new clothes, the ring, the feast to commence. Imagine the awesomeness of THAT in the life and mind of the prodigal son!!! He was now alive!!! A New beginning!!!

    The past thrown completely away...and great rejoicing that a life had been saved...returned!!! But what happens next??

    The brother, who has been faithful, worked hard, obedient, comes in from the toil of the hot days work......and questions the reason for the rejoicing. When he is told his brother has come back.....he refuses to go in! The Father pleads with him to come in and share in the happy occassion, but the brother refuses. The father says...."son, I have you and all I have is yours....BUT this my Son, was LOST, and now he is FOUND.....or...this my son was DEAD, but is now ALIVE!!!)

    You see.....each of us has the choice of how we react.

    Do we hold onto our "should have's", and our own adgenda's? The father showed great forgiveness. WE...through the grace and mercy of a Loving Heavenly Father...have the opportunity of having our wrong doings....forgiven...every day...IF we choose to accept Gods Love through Jesus Christ. That is how God IS. But sometimes it can be hard for us...adults to be Godlike in our attitude toward each other....and this is a test of faith for us.

    When someone offends us....lets develope a Christ like attitude...and..."let it go, drop it, don't think about it"'. immediately! And leave the judging up to God...just show LOVE. By the way...children are great at forgiving, but don't let us take that gentle loving attitude for granted.

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    The Prodigal Son is a great one. Luke 15.

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    the story about jesus stopping a stoning John 8:7 Jesus faced a mob that was eager to execute a woman caught in adultery. He put a stop to it with a simple challenge: anyone who has no sin in their life should step forward and throw the first stone. That sentence is often cited as a reminder to avoid judging others when there are faults in your own life that need to be addressed.

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    Lewisriverman had an awesome idea about the prodigal son -- that would be great to show forgiveness, plus it would illustrate to your kids that you will always be there for them :) Dual lesson there :) :)

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    Prodigal son!

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    When God had the she-bears maul the boys for calling Elisha bald.

    Heart warming

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    Joseph and his brothers for a start

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    my favorite is the story of the woman at the well

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    the prodigal son,

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