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What does the future hold for the zionists?

Given the last few weeks?

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    They don't have a future. They can drag it out for twenty years or perhaps as a U.S. pet but that's about it. The Great Zionist Experiment is a flop; jews can live anywhere and have no need of any supposed "safe haven". It's a relic of a bygone era,the world is sick of it and just wants it to go away.

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    I know what I would like to happen to the Zionists but unfortunately they have friends in high places in the US. They know that without the misguided support of the US Israel would not have the power they have today. In my opinion Israel should be kicked out of the UN as they flaunt the rules on a daily basis backed by the American veto which has been used too many times Even the ordinary Jews in Israel feel their government have gone over the top and should make some concessions to Palestine, something which is long overdue.

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    As the American economy colapses, there wont be the funds to spend on arms for Israel. (currently running at over $10b of taxes per anum)

    With no free arms it will pull down the Israeli economy, and eventually will lead to the colapse of the Israeli state. Maybe then the Jews will all go back to the countries they came from and leave the land to its origional dwellers.

    This is prophecied. The Jews, The Muslims, and The Christians all have a similar prophecy in this respect.

  • The Samson option, not for the Zionists though.

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    "it variety of feels to me that Israelis|Jews|Zionists get a heap load greater complaint and fury than is accepted for a inhabitants of their length than maximum different peoples" sure, that's what a hate motives. that detest has a protracted historical past of ways it became generated in contrast small team which could no longer safeguard itself. yet became sufficiently massive to make a distracting objective. in case you seem heavily on the historical past, an identical assaults got here at different communities -- yet those communities are long when you consider that eradicated (or tiny and nonetheless suffering). For all your questions, I back confer with you scholarly books by real people who did real analyze simply by fact, such as you, they questioned why Jews have been fussing over the final. The seminal e book is "The discomfort of the Jews" by Father Flannery. a clergyman for the Vatican, additionally a nicely respected historian. examine it out! What you're asking is in simple terms too massive to place right into a YA q&a. As for valid and invalid --it truly is like asking how lots became racism at black slaves valid. that is offensive, and gibberish. Or so which you recognize as quickly as you study a splash exterior of that international of racism & start up seeing blacks as human beings. ...and examine a e book approximately them & their historical past. that is even funnier with antiJewish comments simply by fact Jews are hated in contradictions. case in point, they're accused of being capitalist pigs, and supporters of communism. whilst are you going to study out scholarly books? you're entering into circles here. And that is not extreme-high quality to ask, say you go with to study, yet brush aside the very sources given to you as lots greater efficient and greater suggestions-blowing and greater complete than what you may get interior the circles you're going. @SAMP the two a sort of incorporate INVALID criticisms. Deir Yassin is a LONE incident that those in it, say did no longer take place as criticizers declare (& it became adult men in skirts to cover weapons). Correy became protecting the weapons making, tunnel cover shape of a 17 November, i.e militant.

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    Yesterday I heard on GLOB1 TV an Israeli network, the main analyst of the newspaper Ha'aretz (forgot his name) he was positive that israel can survive another 60 years ! when you read between the lines you feel that they know that this existence is temporary.

    Ben Gorion said : the end of the state of Israel will start after the first loss....... they got it in July 2006.

    Have patience guys, the tunnel is not so long.

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    In the short term, they will probably continue with their racist, Apartheid-like activities. And more people will die on both sides.

    In the mid to long term, the entire experiment of Zionism is, like Apartheid and East Germany, doomed.

    The tragedy in all of this is the cost in human lives it takes - on both sides.

    The stupidity is that my country's government (America) continues to back this folly, much as it did Apartheid.

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    Things are looking great! Only one month until Passover! Are you getting excited too? BTW- The problem here in the USA, even for us non- Jewish people is we firmly believe If Jewish people did the unthinkable and left Israel this would not be the end of groups like Hamas and Hezballah and especially Al-Qaeda.The United States could never feel secure because these groups would still exist. Also the expansion of the Muslim world into countries they certainly have no history like the Albainian Muslims who annexed Kosovo will make the most of the world a bit worried. Despite the facts the Muslims wave the US flag and are recognized by the USA the Russians are a little upset and they too will be leary of Muslim expansion.So if you think retaking Israel is the end all of the middle east's problems I would think again. Please don't get me started again on how the Jewish people, minus the religious sites, would leave Israel just like they found it..A pile of rocks.EDIT- with 23 islamic countries (only one jewish country) the palestinians could live anywhere they wish as well! They could go to France and join the other muslims who are causing problems in a country they have no history in as well! Or they could go to Denmark where they have have no history as well and join the muslim riots there! So many choices!

  • Anonymous
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    The beggining of the end,given the trend in world opinion.

  • Anonymous
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    The recent attack on the israeli school proves the lack of security israel has,if the usa was to stop supporting them they have nothing left,a country that is based on lies will never survive

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