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Teenage raging ninja hormones....or what?!?

some time ago, when i was cleaning up my teenage son's

room, i found a photo of me, that he obviousely must have taken sectretly with his mobile phone while i was changing in my room and my door was a little open (i didn't know he was around then) showed me from behind, bending over in only a thong (and a top)....and then i even found one of my own thongs besides his bed! not any was the one i was wearing the whole day!

we once had a conversation about sex and such, and he said that for him the most sexy thing he can imagine is a woman's behind in a thong. but why is it MY butt now? is his brain turning off, as soon as he sees a female butt in a thong?

i know that teenage boys can be very much influenced and controlled by their hormones. but i'd just like to understand....why does he look at a picture of HIS MOM's butt in a thong while masturbating?

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  • Kris
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    Maybe he's really desperate to see a women's butt in a thong.

    But his mom's? That's disgusting o_o

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    Well for him to do that it would have to be one of three things 2 of them i hope not. 1 Hes just sick it happenes maybe dady wasnt there. 2 (which i hope) maybe you've sheltered him from porn and other attractive women. He notices he gets horny when he sees you so that's cureable when he learns theres others out there. 3 Maybe your just an attractive mom, did you nurse him to old or change around him when he was to old?

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    Maybe he has the psychiatric disorder that causes him to feel sexual, and emotional, attraction for his mother. This would explain his behavior. I would suggest that you get him some help. Take him to a mental facility, or an emergency department, and explain the situation to the workers. Someone who is professionally trained needs to hear about your son's behavior.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's weird. I never did anything like that when I was a teenager. I just had to get my hands on a Playboy or something.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I remember this question. how many times will you ask this?

    well maybe you are just attractive to him. if you are like sandra bullock, oh well then I would find it normal that your own kid finds you attractive.

  • 1 decade ago

    have you tried a mental hospital?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    that's gross...sorry. just sit him down again and have a talk.

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