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Do baseball fans have a right to complain about baseball players' salaries?

I always seem to hear baseball fans complaining about how much money a baseball player is making and how they don't "deserve" it, etc. I've heard both sides to this, and I have my own opinion...but I'd like to know...what do other baseball fans think? Do you have a right to be upset about baseball players' salaries? Or not?

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    I do think everyone has a right to complain....but there is an old are worth what you can get. If A-Rod can get 300 million then he is worth it. Why is he worth it? Because the owner that can afford to pay him his salary knows that he will bring him that many times over .

    It's the owners who are lining their pockets...especially the "small market" teams that prey on the hearts of their loyal fan base and keep their payrolls low and suck up the money from the luxury tax just to make a little more.

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    I have no problem with the players salaries but some fans will always say otherwise about certain players, but the thing I wonder about the people who complain about a baseball player's salary, do they complain about what a movie actor like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks or Denzel Washington make per movie & if they make 2 movies a year, it's more than most baseball players. If you have a problem with player's salaries, going to the games, buying clothing with your team's logo on it, baseball caps, etc. that is contributing to the owners who make the $$$, then play the players.

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    I definitely think fans have every right to complain about the salaries some baseball players make. It directly effects the ticket prices we, the fans, pay to see our favorite players/teams play, the merchandise we purchase, the hotdogs and beverages we consume...with rising costs of production, so rises the cost of the service/good.

    The amount of money some players make is absurd, but what concerns me is that it makes it more difficult for teams that are "small market" franchises (approx. $40-$70 million payrolls) when larger market teams continue to set the bar for what these players want for compensation. Occasionally, we see small market teams like the Marlins make it to the big show and win a World Series. But what happens the following year? More often than not, a firesale, and the fans of these respective teams are back to square one.

    As a fan of many small market teams, I spend my hard-earned money rooting for players who come up from the farm and dazzle everyone, then a big market team comes in and offers a tantalizing big payday and steals these players away in their prime. Of course, it's a business. But as a season ticket holder I feel like I should have some say in how a team is a small way I am a shareholder (not legally, obviously).

    In summation, yes, I, you, that guy/girl sitting next to you, and Bob down the street all have a right to gripe when what used to be America's pastime is slowly passing many American's by with rising costs.

    Source(s): Lifelong Padres fan...I know what it's like to lose good players to high priced teams :(
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    Hey, they earn their share. Nobody said it was fair when compared to your average American individual salary, but they can do things that most of the world cannot. In addition, they're not even profiting the most from league success! The owners are! Although the strike in 94 was painful, people have to remember that it is a business, and just like with any other company, the employees have rights. For the past four decades or so, the players have built themselves up to a more than respectable status and have achieved unheard of power in terms of professional athletes. I know that I expect to be compensated fairly for my labor, and MLB players are no different.

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  • John H
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    I think professional athletes are grossly overpaid. As are actors and all other people in the entertainment business. It is a little sad that we live in a society that people in entertainment make more money than teachers, cops, people in the military and even the President of the United States. If these athletes didn't make so much money we wouldn't have to pay so much for a game. And if these athletes didn't get 5 year contracts for $15 million a year maybe they'd actually play harder each year to earn a raise that is determined on their performace.

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    I personally don't have a problem with player salaries, but I do respect and somewhat understand why some people would be upset. Through ticket and concession prices from going to games, cable TV rates to watch the games on TV, etc, those fans contribute to paying those salaries.

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    The reality is that no one on this planet is worth the money paid to professional athletes. When we look at the market value of all professions we would like to think that doctors and people of creativity have the most value. Unfortunately as long as there are people, and there are many, who live their lives through others, (fantasizing their non existent athletic prowess) and willing to pay outrageous prices to see these athletes perform, they will continue to make ridiculous salaries.

    As far as the athletes are concerned, good for them. For many decades the owners were making fortunes off the blood sweat and tears of the ballplayers while only paying them blue collar wages.

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    Just as it is in every other business the employer compensates their employees according to their market value and contribution, and baseball is no exception. It is not our place to challenge, or even be concerned, how the owners of these teams choose to compensate their employees. As fans, our job is to support our teams and in doing so we can enjoy some of the most unbelievable athletes in the world.

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    I'm mad about fielders new contract. He went from 450k to 650k. How much of an improvement is that. He deserves a better one aftere how good he was last year. He was what made the brewers. They are gonna end up loosing him in free agency and it's gonna piss me off. Now overpaying thats a different story.

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