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cut my hair short today! for better or for worse??(pic inc)?

I cut my hair short today. my friends said I look a lot less girly. what do you think?Do I look better in long hair or short hair?

This is me before

This is me after:


oh and one more question, should I get like brown or blonde highlight?

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    I like the shorter better. It's still very similar to your old cut now, but some dark brown (not blonde) highlights will make it look great. Remember it's YOUR hair. Your friends are wrong. But I recommend working on your eyebrows and maybe some lipstick. That way no one can say you look less girly. (By the way that's not really necessary either, be and look however you want.) I didn't do much in that area when I was younger either. I do more now because I work in an office. You're still young, you can get away with whatever you want still. Have fun.

    Besides your hair looks healthier. :)

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    I like it better. I hate the old hairstyle you had. I dont know what its called but its looks like a layer on top, very short and then long all of a sudden. I hate that! Its like it makes the top part look puffy and just isnt even.

    Your new hairstyle is a lot better. I think it looks cute and a lot more even.

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    i like the short, it's really cute and different, the little fringe is really nice. don't listen to people saying you look like a guy, they would have been ready to say that as soon as they saw "short hair", some people just have a really issue with it.

    You are a women, you dress like a women and you look like a women, but every part of your look doesn't have to be girly to be good, with short hair you can go as girly as you want with clothes and makeup without it looking too much. and it's something different that people will defiantly notice

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    I liked the long better, but even that didn't suit you that well. I think you should go with wavy or curly hair, about shoulder length. As far as the colour is concerned, I would suggest dark brown with some lighter brown highlights

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    I think you look really cute now! I didn't like the cut before with the long underneath and short all around on top thingy. The cut was definitely for the better, honest :)

  • Anonymous
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    It looks soo much better. Definatly more mature and sophisticated. No offense, but the haircut before looked too young. Also, this cut works way better for your face shape. Don't listen to your friends.

    I would suggest getting a multiple tone color - lighten it slightly.

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    Longer was better but you could pull the short haircut off if you get some side bangs or add a chunky blonde strip in the front. Also if you want to look more girly, get your eyebrows waxed and wear a little eye makeup.

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    New haircut looks much better more modern and up to date very stylish well done. What is it with everyone that thinks long hair is always it . Short styles look fab.

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    In my opinion, I like long hair much better than short hair. But, I think the hair suits you and it looks quite nice :) I think you should get light brown highlights. That would probably complete your look. Hope for the best :)


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