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NIS<FANTAST> Friday Collison 3/7?

Alright, Welcome To NSI(Non-Stop Insanity) Friday Night Collision! Sorry we were not on last week, I was very busy! Be sure to check out Total Destruction this Sunday Night! CmS starts off by coming to the ring, and announcers his tag team partner for Total Destruction… SUPER MARIO! CmS says that even though Super Mario hasn’t won once, he is sure that they can win the tag titles this Sunday, against HBB & Cassidy and Mac Dj and P Mc! CmS says that Mario can come to the ring, and he will have his match against Baller. Mario comes down, followed by Baller. Before the match starts, CmS says to check Baller for any weapons, and then to be fair check Mario. But while he is checking Mario, CmS cracks Baller with the ring bell and throws him into Mario for a Mushroom Bomb! MARIO WINS HIS FIRST MATCH! Balloons fall from the sky in shape of mushrooms! As They leave the ring HBB and Cassidy come down and are set for there match. They are facing Lava Lamp and Phenom. HBB and Cassidy start off with the lead, but when Cassidy hits HBB by mistake and busts him open, Phenom and Lamp take advantage! As they hit a double flap jack, HBB comes back in the ring and cleans house. HBB throws Lamp out of the ring, and HBB hits Sweet Chin Music on Phenom, as hits drops to his knees, Cassidy gets back up and hits a Shinnying Wizard. Cassidy lets HBB get the pin as they walk off with HBB spilling blood everywhere.

Next we have P Mc, Mac Dj, Carnage, and Vampirino vs. Chris Billington, Damaja D, and Jim#1. Jim gets the mic and says why would you pare opponents Sunday with each other tonight? Damaja promtley kicks his head off, knocks Chris out with his title, and throws both of them into a ring of sharks! P Mc and Mac Dj double team Chris as Vamp and Carnage take out Jim. But Carnage and Vamp then realize that they to are facing each other Sunday. And brawl out side the ring. Mac his a Dj bomb on Chris to score the pinfall, as Damamja laughs at the top of the ramp. Mac and Mc grab the mic and say, “This Sunday at TD, The “Mc Macs” are going to win the Tag Titles!

We now have Eagle vs. J Segovia! Eagle and Segovia are throwing fists left and right! The ref can’t hold the two apart so he just leaves? Yes, he took off his vest and through it on the ground! Eagle hits a Swanton but theres no ref! Wait! Here comes Star through the audience! He puts on the ref’s vest and hits a StarKO on Segovia. Star counts Eagle the victory and then grabs the mic! He says next up, we have EdgeHead vs. LJ Rich w/ Koum as the special guess referee! And also says that Him and Eagle have formed an Alliance! And are looking for another member to recruit! But then turns around and gives him a STARKO?! He then says that he is the champ, and has no alliances. As Star takes his place at ring side Koum comes down and gives Eagle a Last Ride out of the ring. EH and Rich come down to start the match. Koum is calling it down the middle, until EH slaps Koum for telling him to release a submission hold. Koum gets mad and gives him a choke slam! He lets Rich hit the Rich combination, but then Tombstones Rich and counts a fast 10 count for a draw! Star runs in the ring with his title but Koum catches him and choke slams him! Koum stands over the 3 fallen superstars looking at the World Championship! Good Night everbody and I will see you at TD!

PRE SHOW: WWE and Edge fan vs. djdeeznutz vs. 24/7 vs. Swanton Bomb

Winner- WWE and Edge Fan!

Total Destruction Card-

Star (c) vs. Koum vs. LJ Rich vs. EdgeHead for the NSI World Title.

HBB and Cassidy (c) vs. The Mc Macs(Mac DJ and P Mc) vs. CmS and Super Mario for the NIS Tag Team Championship.

Damaja D (c) vs. Chris Billington vs. Jim#1 for the Xplosion Title.

Carnage (c) vs. Vampirino for the Hardcore Title in a steel cage

Phenom vs. Lava Lamp in a Strap Match

Baller vs. Segovia vs. Eagle in a Harcore #1 contender match!

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    The tag titles are ours!!

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  • Jim#1
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    1 decade ago

    Next Xplosion champion... Jim#1!!!!

    *STAR* as always

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like it dude great job! Cool I'm on the Ppv card!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Great job on this one too, i have an alliance with the owner!!!! Sick....

    Starred again man!!! AWESOME

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i get a shot at the tag titles

    yeah baby


  • 1 decade ago

    how does djdeeznutz lose?

    but itz cool il star u

  • 1 decade ago

    that looks can wait till sunday

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