What are the advantages of a Desktop Computer?

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I really don't want to buy a laptop, so if I buy a desktop what are the advantages of this? and do you think this is a good idea? it is for my new shop buisness, and it will be ...show more
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Then a desktop is the best choice. They are
* Cheaper to buy
* Easier to repair. All of the components are replaceable (or at least serviceable)
* Easier to upgrade. (see above)
* Don't depend on a single LCD flat panel screen.
* Can be faster for the same $$.
* There is no battery to worry about, unless you use a UPS (I have one on all of my desktops)
* Can have the same hard drive and processor as a laptop or more drives.
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  • bunnyBoo answered 6 years ago
    1- is it too heavy to rob :)
    2-Desktop computers do have more power than a laptop computer does.
    3-The desktop computer has bigger monitors.
    4-The desktop computer has more comfortable keyboards with it.
    5- A desktop has more nifty parts and features in it than a laptop computer can.
    6-A desktop computer doesn't get stolen very much compared to a laptop computer.
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  • Kleineganz answered 6 years ago
    If you have no need for mobility then a desktop is your best option. You can buy a lot more computer for the money with a desktop and desktops are easier to upgrade later on (laptops are difficult, and in some cases impossible to upgrade).
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  • phoenix answered 6 years ago
    Hi, well there r many advantages of a desktop computer to a laptop in a shop.

    1. Desktops r more powerful in terms of hardware.
    2. They have a larger screen generally and that makes it easier to read.
    3. They have more area for usage meaning like a desktop has a mouse whereas on a laptop u have a touch pad which is not very comfortable at all.
    4. Desktops r also cheaper than laptops usually even though Desktops may have better hardware than laptops.

    I would suggest that if money is not a problem then u buy an iMac.

    I hope I helped.

    Good Luck and take care!
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  • D Whitfield answered 6 years ago
    The main advantages for you of using a desktop over a laptop will be that you will be able to position the base unit away from the monitor, meaning you can save desk space, you may want to have the monitor on a stand and just have the keyboard below the desk or hidden away until you need to use it. You will also be able to choose what size monitor you would like, as you may want larger than the standard 15.4" or 17" that laptops have. There is also the advantage of upgradability, with a desktop you are able to upgrade much more easily, and have more options available to you, as well as upgrading a bit at a time, where as there arent really that many upgrades that can be easily done on a laptop. finally there is the advantage of getting a much faster desktop computer than for the same priced laptop.
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  • WestmontLion answered 6 years ago
    In this case the advantage will be savings. The desktops are generally cheaper than a similar laptop. Another advantage is that desktops are typically easier to upgrade if needed. Also desktops are always plugged into a power source so you don't have to worry about the battery running out.
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  • cssCharles answered 6 years ago
    Faster for less $
    Don't have to worry about all your business information being stolen at the airport etc...

    A desktop is a smarter choice in my opinion since it's easier to repair without sending the unit somewhere and shutting down your business. etc...
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  • Qariya.com answered 6 years ago
    more reliable
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  • Garrett1213 answered 6 years ago
    No need to charge, Lots of room to upgrade (usually), More Harddrive space, bigger mouse and keyboard, bigger screen, bigger speakers, and Easier to repair.
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  • St Guido answered 6 years ago
    it will always be faster than its counter part


    wtf its true...I work in the field
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