Labor Day!!!?

Just curious, how did you feel the day before you gave birth, or the day that you gave birth? I am interested in the experiences that everybody has had!

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    Omg the day i was to be induced was the day before my son was due......the night before i went in I couldnt sleep!! I was waking my husband up 5 hours before time to leave saying...get up get up get ready!!!! I was soooooo excited, and once i got there i had labor for like 16 hours and finally had a c section ( he was to big). But i mean before i went in, i just couldnt wait... I was showering, checkin re checkin I was anxious

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    A couple of days before I had a big energy surge and was up and moving and doing a lot of stuff, felt pretty good. A lot of the tired heavy feeling was gone. Then the day before and the day of I felt really zoned out, kind of spacey and tired - I figured it was because I had overdone stuff the day before by taking advantage of that energy. I went to take a bath about 7:30 that night and as I was getting out my water broke and off to the hospital I went. I was in labor then for 23 hrs and 46 minutes when he made his appearance.

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    With baby #1, I shopped the day before I had him. I was exhausted that night. The next morning I got up about noon, and my water broke. I was surprisingly calm, because I didn't know what to expect.

    With baby #2, I felt overly anxious that day, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I need to go to the bathroom and was having back pains...labor.

    With baby#3, he was a week late, so I had to go be induced. I was feeling ready to have him. Ended up having an emergency c-section. I

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    The day before I went into labor on my own I was really tired and achy. Then the day of I felt pretty good and hours before I had a burst of energy. At 11pm my water broke. Now I am 38 wks and just wondering how it will happen this time.

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    The day before, I felt normal. I DAY OF, I felt normal. I was a little tired, but that's NORMAL for a pregnant woman. :-)

    That at 8:00 that night, my water broke. End of story. I started having period like cramps then and at 2:00 a.m the following morning, my little one was in the world. (5 1/2 weeks early!)

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    The day before..well the night before I had lower back pain all night and after birth I was happy but sore because i had a c-section.

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    Not the day before, but when I started going into labor I felt like I was having period cramps, I kept feeling like I had to go to the bathroom and I was just really achy in my back and very uncomfortable.

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    May 1st The day I went into labor, I spent most of the day laughing at my husband. He thought I was nuts, laughing my head off saying "May Day! May Day!"

    I woke up about 430 in the morning, got halfway to the bathroom when my water broke. Turned back around around and woke up hubby and told him it was time to go. He replied "Where?" (That's when I started laughing at him)

    me "Duh! The hospital."

    him "Why?"

    Roll my eyes "my water broke, May Day! May Day!" lmao So he starts running all over the place and we head for the hospital I notice we're low on gas and hospital is an hour away.

    me "You'd better stop for gas"

    him "WHAT!"

    me "and I want a bottle of water"

    him "are you kidding me!"

    me "oh its not like it goes that quick anyway and I'm not even having contractions yet" Finally get to the hospital at around 6, and she was born 2 hours later at 8 am.

    I still laugh at him over that and she is going to be 5 this year.

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    Excited, I started packing. I had 3 cesareans. :)

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    i felt like tell u the truth most women on here will lie to u but i wont i felt like the world was going to end and the day b4 i had my baby i didnt go to sleep at all the contractions were keeing me up i would lay down and then get up cuz they hurted to bad but in the end when u see ur baby face its all worth it

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