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Information about Medicaid?

I need more information about Medicaid. How do I apply? What do they cover for pregnancy ? Do you pay them monthly like an insurance company? I just applied for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Sheild and my doc said she thinks thats one of the health insurance companys that dont cover ultra sounds etc. Any information about Medicaid would be helpful. Thanks!


No thanks to the rude comments. If you actually read my question, you could see that I DO have health insurance. I am just trying to get information on all my options. I didnt ask for commentary. Get the stick out of your a**.

Update 2:

Hello???!! Giulia: Are you reading my posts or just skimming. I have a good job and health insurance. I work full time and save my money. How can you judge me with such a small amount of info about me. I was only wondering about medicaid because I saw another question refering to it and because my doctor mentioned my current health insurance may not cover ultra sounds etc. I just wanted some basic information. I didnt think I was going to be insulted. If you are so interested in my life feel free to email me and I'll send you a copy of my autobiography.

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    Well in Florida they have a special medicaid program for pregnant women. It covers just about everything and you dont pay for anything. Depending on your income will determine whether or not you qualify. I applied and it only took about a week or two for me to receive my approval letter. They also cover a few months after you deliver. Check online for your state medicaid program. You may be able to apply online or you can find numbers to call and speak with someone if you have more questions. When I was approved a case worker was assigned to me. I was also assigned someone who calls me to check on me and to make sure that I'm keeping up with my prenatal appointments and if ever I needed something, I would be able to call her... Medicaid helps you out with alot of things. My advice to you is to apply for medicaid before you get insurance, it would make it a whole lot easier for you. Especially if you are not able to afford alot of things!!!

    Good Luck with everything!!!

    Edit: Why do people think that all jobs give health benefits!!! I have a very good job that pays well and because I'm per diem I'm not able to get benefits. I wish people would stop judging other people based of the two sentences they read on Yahoo Answers!!!

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    Most of this depends on where you live, but call your local Department of Social Services office and ask what you need to do to apply. They'll need proof of your pregnancy, like a letter from your doctor with your due date on it. They also want at least 1-2 months of paystubs to prove income, plus any utility, rent, or insurance you pay. They usually want to see an official piece of mail with your name and home address on it, like a phone bill or light bill. Also, you need to bring your social security card and a picture ID (driver's license, state ID, military ID, student ID, that kind of thing).

    If you qualify for pregnancy Medicaid, it will cover ONLY pregnancy-related visits, as well as treatment for health conditions which could effect the pregnancy or the health of the baby (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) It also covers hospital charges for the delivery and post-partum doctor visits. Sometimes, if you have all the info they need, you can get your card in the mail within a few weeks.

    Still, like I said, it varies slightly between states, so call your local office to get the exact info.

    I hope this helps!

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    I live in Texas and when I needed to apply for Medicaid I was instructed to go to the Department of Human Services. I filled out an application and was called by a case worker, who interviewed me over the phone. I went back to the Dept. of Human Svcs. to submit proof of pregnancy and other documents and I was approved. They gave me a temporary Medicaid document to show my doctor and I was sent the official paper in the mail. I now get a document in the mail each month that shows my Medicaid info. I only had to give the doctor the Medicaid information once, and now I just go to each visit and it is covered by Medicaid. I don't pay anything to Medicaid or the doctor's office.

    Best of luck with your pregnancy and take care!

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    you can look on-line to just type the state you are in and medicaid. Each state pay for different things.

    Medicaid goes by your income level to if you qualify or not. You may get partial insurance and you have to pay a small amount when you see the doctor or for scripts. For my state they have medicaid just for expecting mothers. Just go to your local human social services or your local medicaid office and fill out an application.

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    I use emergency pregnancy medical (california). You need to go to your social services office and they will have the papers to fill out. Either you will qualify for no share of cost or a very small fee depending on your income status. They will want 3 months worth of bank records (if you have a bank account or your last years tax info), any vehicle loan information or vehicles you own, pay stubs or W2's, and verification that you are pregnant from a doctor (I went to a free clinic to get mine). A lot of OBGYNS accept medical too... I love my midwives, I would use them even if I had regular insurance. It's also a lot easier to qualify to for the pregnancy medical then just regular medical. It covers everything, ultrasounds, visits, hospital stay, anything that would qualify as pregnancy related (even chriopractor fees)


    There are some nasty people in here. Could you ever think outside box? Maybe she has a job that doesn't have insurance or the insurance they provide doesn't cover pregnancy. Or be in a situation like me, where my husband owns his own small business and we dont have insurance (besides for our son who is on a blue cross ppo), we pay our taxes every year, so is it wrong to use something that they go towards?

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    I have Medicaid and pregnant and work full time. I was a temp when I found out I was pregnant and went to the health department and filled out necessary papers and they gave me sheet that let me start using it immediately. You just have to meet certain income criteria and fill out necessary papers. It covers EVERYTHING though. Just make sure your hospital takes it, where I live you have to have a certain kind of medicaid for the hospital to cover the pregnancy (the birth).

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    medicaid will cover everythingat 100% so lets say u have blue cross blue shield and also get medicaid medicaid will eb secondary and cover whatever blue cross does not cover apply for medicaid first u should get it if ur pregnant

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    Contact your local Medicaid office to fill out the forms. There are income restrictions but if you qualify you pay nothing for it.

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    where do you live. it all depends on where you live. im in oklahoma, so ive got soonercare (medicaid). i went to a local dhs and applied. it covers my whole pregnancy: pills, dr, shots, pain meds, everything. you dont pay them anything, its free. just call your dhs dept and ask how and where to apply. good luck

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