research!!!!! uck!!!....quickly, i need to know about a publication for internal revenue service?

i need the pub number for failure to furnish correct payee statements.....i have the section number but cannot find the pub # online at the website....specifically i need the pub# so that i can reference the statute for penalty for failure to provide a 1099misc by the due date.....this is work not homework....thanks - im on a deadline and swamped...anyone got it off the top of your head?


v b - i am not filing MY taxes...i prepare taxes and am sending a letter to someone who refuses to issue a 1099misc to a client of mine but has reported it to irs...yes there are back doors to filing the return but that is not the point here and it does not alleviate the fact that federal statute states that the docs should be issued by jan 31 no later than feb15.....just wanted to supply the pub along with my request for the document....thank you so much for your help!

3 Answers

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