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WHAT IS THE WORST (nice) restaurant you have been to?


Please what is MCD ?

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    Aren't these answers supposed to be for NY?

    Well...this certainly isn't a bad restaurant...but I have to say that Koi - the well-known trendy celebrity hotspot, is incredibly overated. The decor is uninteresting and everything is ridiculously overpriced. I had sushi and it was good...but very standard, nothing unsual and way more expensive than a traditional Japanese place. If given a choice...I'd rather pay less money and get something more interesting like some of the Japanese-infused places...Japanese/French or Japanese-Peruvian places, etc. Oh...and Koi was could barely move. But the waitor was cute...I guess that's a plus.

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    Hmmm...I will have to say 2941 in Falls Church, VA. The food was okay, but nothing over the top. We arrived pretty late for our Valentine's Day dinner (I think 9:30pm) but we had a reservation for this time. Our meal was over $300 (we didn't order wine), but we didn't have time to enjoy it. Everything was rushed. We were in and out in less than an hour. The servers may as well have literally kicked us out and it wouldn't have been worse. If 9:30pm is too late for them to seat diners, than that should not have been an option when they were taking the reservation. I absolutely loved their foie gras, but will not go back because of that experience.

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    MCD I saw a mouse.

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    This Burger King is Newport, NJ! It was so trashed. There was grafitti EVERYWHERE, and the food was horrendous.

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    mc donalds in LA

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