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cereal killers......?

well one in particular, i need to find info in john christie, its for a project in criminal justice, or maybe a list of some other killers that are a little more interesting.

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    Charles Albright - aka The Collectionist; known for surgically removing the eyes of victims and keeping him them in his house as trophies

    Richard Angelo - aka The Angel of Death; nurse who killed 25 patients

    Joe Ball - aka The Alligator Man, killed at least 20 women in the early 20th century in Texas

    Martha Jule Beck - one of the Lonely Hearts Killers, along with Raymond Fernandez, killed at least three women and one child in the 1940s but suspected in up to 20 murders

    David Berkowitz - aka Son of Sam and The .44 Caliber Killer; convicted of six murders

    Robert 'Bob' Berdella - convicted of killing six men in 1988 in Kansas City, Missouri, undoubtedly killed others, sexually tortured and dismembered his victims

    Kenneth Bianchi - Californian who with his cousin Angelo Buono were the Hillside Stranglers; killer of 13 women and suggested as possibly involved in three other killings

    Richard Fran Biegenwald - convicted of killing five people in the early 1980's in the Asbury Park, New Jersey area. He is suspected in at least six other murders

    William Bonin - aka The Freeway Killer; with several accomplices, claimed the lives of 20 boys in California

    Robert Charles Browne - Convicted of two murders in Colorado, but says he has killed 48, some of which have been corroborated.

    Jerry Brudos - aka The Shoe-Fetish Slayer, killed at least five women

    Ted Bundy - aka The Campus Killer, Lady Killer and Chi Omega Killer; law student who raped and murdered more than 35 women in several states

    Angelo Buono, Jr. - Californian who with his cousin Kenneth Bianchi were the Hillside Stranglers; killer of 11 women

    Dean Carter - murdered at least four women

    Richard Chase - aka the Vampire of Sacramento murdered six people in the '70s

    Dean Corll - aka The Candy Man; committed the Houston Mass Murders with Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks -- Killed by accomplice before conviction

    Juan Vallejo Corona - Killed 25 people in the space of just six weeks

    Andrew Cunanan - Murdered five people, including fashion designer Gianni Versace, in a cross-country journey during a three-month period in 1997, ending with Cunanan's suicide, at the age of 27.

    Charles Cullen - nurse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who killed as many as 40 patients through lethal injection

    Jeffrey Dahmer - Milwaukee cannibal who kept heads, skulls and body parts in his apartment; convicted of 15 murders, but believed responsible for at least two others

    Albert DeSalvo - aka The Boston Strangler; convicted of strangling 13 women

    Nannie Doss - aka The Giggling Granny; serial poisoner who killed 11 people: four husbands, two children, her two sisters, her mother, a grandson and a nephew.

    Mack Ray Edwards convicted of murdering three children after having confessed to the murders of six in Los Angeles County between 1953 and 1969. He claimed at one point to have killed as many as 18.

    Raymond Fernandez - one of the Lonely Hearts Killers, along with his common-law wife Martha Jule Beck; convicted of killing three people but suspected of up to 20 murders.

    Albert Fish - aka The Cannibal, The Moon Maniac and The Werewolf of Wisteria; sadist and pedophile who cannibalized several children; convicted of one murder, confessed to two others and suspected in two other killings

    Wayne Adam Ford - aka Wayward Wayne; confessed to murdering four women, believed to have killed others

    Kendall Francois - Serial killer from Poughkeepsie, NY who targeted prostitutes. After strangling the women, he would store them in various crawl spaces in and around his home.

    Joseph Paul Franklin - racist serial killer who targeted interracial couples and attempted to assassinate Larry Flynt and Vernon Jordan; convicted of eleven murders and has confessed to nine others

    John Wayne Gacy - aka the Killer Clown; killer of at least 33 men and boys who kept bodies buried under his Chicago home

    Carlton Gary - Georgia murderer convicted of the murders of seven elderly women

    Donald Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins - aka the Meanest Man in America; Gaskins, executed on September 6, 1991; convicted of nine murders but confessed to over 200

    Edward Gein - two known victims, one suspected victim, four missing persons; elements of Gein's life and crimes have inspired, at least in part Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    Janie Lou Gibbs - Georgia poisoner who killed her three sons, a grandson, and her husband

    Kristen Gilbert - Angel of Death serial killer, convicted of killing four by injection of epinephrine while working as a nurse

    Harvey Murray Glatman - Californian rapist and killer of three women; lured women to pose for "bondage photographs" and would rape and murder them.

    Jeffrey Gorton - convicted of two rape-murders in Michigan, suspected of more

    Gwendolyn Graham - along with Cathy Wood, part of the Michigan duo who murdered five elderly nursing home residents in their care and claimed to have killed another

    Belle Gunness - murder-for-profit killer who murdered her suitors and her own children in Indiana

    Charles Manson - Found guilty of conspiracy to commit the Tate-LaBianca murders

    Robert Hansen - Alaskan baker who killed prostitutes at his cabin; convicted of four murders but admitted to 11 others.

    Donald Harvey - aka Angel of Death; hospital orderly, confessed to more than 80 "mercy killings" with 37 confirmed killings

    Elmer Wayne Henley - along with Dean Corll – aka The Candy Man – and David Brooks committed the "Houston Mass Murders"; convicted of killing one young boy but perhaps implicated in the death of as many as 25

    H.H. Holmes - active 1890-1894 during Chicago's 1893 World's Columbian Exposition; convicted of only one murder but definitively tied to at least 8 more and confessed to a total of 27

    Waneta Hoyt - murdered her five children

    Philip Carl Jablonski - killed at least four women in Utah

    Vincent Johnson - aka the Brooklyn Strangler; a homeless crack addict who killed at least five prostitutes

    Genene Jones - Texas pediatric nurse who poisoned infants in her care Convicted of only one murder but suspected of 10 or more others.

    Patrick Kearney - necrophiliac convicted of 21 murders in California and admitted to 7 other murders

    Edmund Kemper - started killing when he was 15 years old in Santa Cruz, CA; convicted of six murders and implicated in four others

    Paul John Knowles - raped and murdered 18 people

    Randy Steven Kraft - convicted of the murders of 16 young men and boys but strongly suspected of 51 others in California

    Timothy Krajcir - confessed to killing over nine women, five in Missouri and four others in Illinois and Pennsylvania

    Peter Kudzinowski - killed children in New Jersey in the 1920's

    Leonard Lake ex-marine and survivalist who died before trial but who is strongly suspected of having killed at least 11 people and perhaps as many as 25; collected and murdered female sex slaves with accomplice Charles Ng

    Derrick Todd Lee - aka the Baton Rouge Serial Killer; convicted of two murders but linked by DNA evidence to five others

    Eddie Leonski - aka the Brownout Strangler; convicted of three murders while on duty with the US military in Australia

    Henry Lee Lucas - convicted of 11 murders and confessed to about 3000 others, although most of his confessions are considered outlandish; a task force set up to investigate his claims suggested that the true number of his murders may be as high as 213

    Rhonda Belle Martin - Alabama poisoner who murdered six family members, suspected of poisoning at least nine; executed in 1957

    John Allen Muhammad - Washington D.C. area sniper; convicted of seven murders so far and awaiting prosecution for nine others

    Herbert Mullin - schizophrenic in Santa Cruz, CA who killed people to prevent earthquakes; convicted of 10 murders and confessed to 3 others

    Earle Nelson - aka Gorilla Man; necrophiliac serial killer; convicted and hanged for one murder but definitively implicated in about 20 more

    Charles Ng ex-marine and survivalist convicted of 11 murders but tied to as many as 25. He and accomplice Leonard Lake collected and murdered female sex slaves

    Carl Panzram - murderer, rapist, arsonist; executed in 1930; convicted of two murders but confessed to 19 others

    Dorothea Puente - convicted of three killings but directly implicated in six others

    Dennis Rader - aka the BTK Killer; killed ten people between 1974 to 1991

    Richard Ramirez - aka the Night Stalker; terrorized Los Angeles in 1984 and 1985; convicted of 14 murders

    David Parker Ray - convicted of rape and torture and sentenced to 224 years in prison. FBI believe he was responsible for the deaths of 60 women in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

    Ángel Maturino Reséndiz - killed nine people in Texas, Kentucky, and Illinois

    Gary Ridgway - aka The Green River Killer; convicted of murdering 48 women in the state of Washington

    Joel Rifkin - murdered 17 women in the New York City and Long Island area

    John Edward Robinson - aka the Cyber Sex Killer; lured victims through the internet; convicted of murdering six women

    Danny Rolling - pleaded guilty to murdering five students in Florida

    Michael Ross - raped and murdered seven women in Connecticut

    Robert Rozier - murdered and mutilated seven people for the Nation of Yahweh cult

    Efren Saldivar - respiratory therapist who killed six patients, and possibly as many as 120

    Altemio Sanchez - aka the Bike Path Rapist/killer who was responsible for three murders and numerous rapes spanning over a 25 year period in Buffalo, New York. He is currently serving three consecutive 75 years-to-life sentences for the murders.

    Gerard John Schaefer - aka The Killer Cop and The Florida Sex Beast; police officer who killed up to 34 women and girls

    Tommy Lynn Sells - convicted of only one murder; admitted to murdering dozens of people from all over

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    cereal is breakfast food

    clearly you need help if you don't know he's a "Serial killer" (meaning serial, something that occurs periodically, like the issues of a newspaper or stories that appear in segments in magazines).

    There are a ton of serial killers who are fascinating to research, however, you may have better luck if you actually type what you're looking for into a search engine, rather than it's homonym (word that sounds the same but is spelled different)...

    PS anyone else concerned by the extreme creepy-ness of the long list posted?

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    I swear you have exceeded almost all the other poets here. You have honed your skills to where you can take on of the most ordinary of things....breakfast cereal and make a comical and enjoyable poem. You are a genius!!! I loved it and and it's lunchtime and guess what I'm having.....Captain Crunch....I just remembered there's some in the cupboard!!! I guess I'll eat some and become a cereal killer too!!!! Peace & Love :)

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    Lol. Cereal killers. What a difference a few letters can make! Count Chocula might be considered a cereal killer?

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    Is Tony the Tiger up to no good again?

    There is plenty of info out there about the Boston Strangler (very creepy guy), Ted Bundy, John Norman Collins (he's still alive and in prison - maybe you can write to him!). Google these names and good luck on that report.

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    That Cap'n Crunch was a mental case. He made his victims

    walk the plank into COLD MILK.

    I'm's serial killers. Not cereal.

  • How about Ronald Wilson Reagan? According to the Clinton Administration he sold drugs (or rather ordered drug trafficking) as a tax abatement scheme and to fund the Contras.

    In fact, my brother and I were shot by Government officials, with a Contra, carrying out his orders. We were being paid to stop them. It was our first day of a brand new river patrol for the Game Warden's Service (Fir Fish and Game? ~ I donno, to much brain damage, odd when one can't recall what the service one almost died for was called back then...)

    Since this program did kill people, it's a serial killing as it was ongoing for 13 years. They both funded (poorly we had three handguns and no armor) drug intervention (the good guys) and equipping and funding plus apparently pardoning the murders of the bad guys (the well equipped with automatic rifles and machine pistols and body armor Contra Drug Smugglers and their CIA and other intel handlers).

    I mean Clay hit one of those guys three times, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, after I was shot; but the bad guy's government supplied armor stopped cold two chest wounds and he was only nicked in the arm by the third round. He then killed my brother after nearly finnishing me. Then he calmly strode over, pulled my gun away from my useless hand and shot me three times. Who, pray tell, do you think from these facts was Ronald Wilson Reagan rooting for? The guys he hired and asked to purchase their own pistols, or the SEAL team member, in government armor, with months of training (I had one 'short' day ~ clay not much more)?

    I'd add this to the deaths from the drugs and say Ron was definately a serial killer. For sure we were not his only law enforcement "collateral damages" either.

    Source(s): Read the book (and I spell it out because Yahoo censors some words): Kay Eye El El the messenger, by Schou about the death of Gary Webb, the journalist who's death discouraged further reporting on the subject, after Webb broke the story.
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    I want my Smurfberries back the Cereal Killers killed the SMURFS.

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    Ed Gein is very interesting, psychologically, although i think you meant serial killers?

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    I hope your "cereal" killer wasn't the leprechaun on Lucky Charms!! St.Patrick's Day is coming up soon.

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    And look up David Gore. He was an auxiliary sheriff's deputy and used his badge to lure women.

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