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does anyone remember the movie" night of the comet " ?

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    Sure, it was a neat sci-fi comedy zombie flick starring Robert Beltran (deepspace nine); Catherine Mary Stewart (the Last Starfighter); Kelli Maroney and a bunch of other 'B' actors.

    Two pretty high school girls (one a cheerleader!) don't like their mother or her new boyfriend ("Daddy would have gotten us Uzis!"). One morning, they wake up to find that everybody in Los Angeles has been turned to dust by a Comet except them, a guy who looks like Erik Estrada, some zombies and the occupants of a secret underground government installation. Written by Mark Logan {}

    Two girls from the Valley wake up to find that a passing comet has eradicated their world and left behind a mysterious red-dust and a pack of cannibal mutants. With the help of a friendly truck driver, the girls save the earth from a villainous "think tank," karate chop their way through flesh-eating zombies, and, of course, find time to go to the mall. Written by Jaime Kidwell

    Two sisters, high school seniors in the early 1980s, awaken one morning to blood red skies and the realization that the human race has been wiped out. It becomes apparant that anyone who was not surrounded by steel when the Earth recently passed through the tail of Haley's comet has been reduced to a pile of red ash (the trace elements of human chemical makeup.) They encounter a rebellious Native American man and take over the air waves at a local radio station in an attempt to get help. Unfortunately, they attract the attention of a group of scientists who knew what the effects of the comet would be. They hid underground in a steel laboratory, but idiotically left the vents open. Now, as various survivors of the comet who were only partially surrounded by steel are decaying into flesh-hungry zombies, the scientists are attempting to come up with a vaccine made of the blood of people who were not infected by the comet. Thus the trio must fight their way past not only roving packs of the cannibalistic dead, but also outsmart a pack of scientists desperate not to become that way themselves.

    Source(s): Internet Movie Database.
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    No, due to doctors orders I had to have all of the absolute crap purged from my memory. Most of the 80's is now gone.

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    A really fun, cheesey 80's Comedy/Horror/Sci-Fi flick.

    Fun stuff!

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