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Drinking Raw Eggs, Good Or Bad?

I have heard that only 1 in 30 000 eggs contain salmonella, if so why do people make such a big fuss about the "high chance" of getting ill from eating raw eggs? And I thought your body could deal salmonella unless you are very young or elderly. So would salmonella actually make your immune system stronger and what other benefits would drinking raw eggs give you? Also anything why I shouldn't drink raw eggs?

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    Drinking raw eggs is not harmful. The salmonella (which you can get from anything) is not really an issue if you handle the eggs properly. Which means keep them in the fridge until your going to eat it. I've been eating raw eggs form the past two years its great with a shake in the morning if you trying to gain muscle mass or just weight for that matter.

    Salmonella is pretty much everywhere food is handled poorly. Sanitation is key to prevention. From what I can remember Salmonella passes through the acid of the stomach and into the intestines where it can break through the intestinal lining. Most, however, simply pass through your poo without any repercussions.

    So I say join the rest of us egg drinkers and down a couple. Cheers

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    Raw eggs have lots of protein (Eggs have more protein when they're raw! Cooking eggs changes the proteins' chemical structure) and are great for your health in general. However, salmonella is always a risk of consuming raw eggs. Be careful that the egg is not spoiled. I wouldn't suggest eating raw eggs daily.

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    Good for you.... Baaaaaad taste. Blech. As for salmonella, it sucks, but it's not life threatening unless you are elderly, young or have other health problems (particularly immunodeficiencies).

    The protein in the egg whites is good stuff. There is a lot of cholesterol in the yolk, so take it easy on the yolk. Ew. Ew. Ew. Drinking raw eggs feels like slurping up snot. It's nasty, nasty, nasty... however, it is the fastest way to boost your protein intake without eating lots of food with unnecessary calories.

    Still gives me the willies.

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    Raw eggs are fine to consume. There is a minimal risk of getting sick.

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    VERY difficult to digest the eggs raw thesedays..........most of the chicken are injected and i think it israther unsafe

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