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is £55.00 per person ok for a hen night? inc accomadation for one night?

im not booking my hen night for a while yet but i thought i would ask this questions as im unsure of who pays for what.

i have found a fab deal where for one night stay in a b&b as well as a club that holds a buffet/cocktail reception with entertainment for hen nights is £55.00 per person. Is this alot? Also will they expect me to pay for it? Im paying for everyones travel to the venue and back and am also going to have hen night favour bags as well. Also how far in advance shouls i send out invites?



oh and i do have a maid of honor but as much as i love her shes the least organised person in the world so im organising everything myself!

Update 2:

cher im not having a bridal shower.

Update 3:

lyra...i have already found a b&b which is 25.00 a night..i wouldn't say i had found somewhere if i didnt know what i was talking about!

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    £55.00 for a night including accomodation seems quite reasonable to me.

    Generally the people going should assume they would pay for it themselves I would have thought. Since this includes an overnight stay, I suggest you send out the invites as early as possible.

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    I would say that's a pretty good deal, check out the quality of the accommodation and food though before you commit. I would be happy to pay that to attend a friend's hen night. I am not sure what your friends will expect, but if you are expecting them to pay then make sure you are really clear about that so that you don't get people complaining at the last minute and dropping out because they were not aware of the cost. I did not have a traditional hen night and have never attended one so I am not sure whether people normally pay or not.

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    £55 is quite reasonable and the people who moan about the price obviously don't want to share your hen night anyway. You soon find out who your real family and friends are when your arranging a wedding etc. Most people probably spend that just on a boozy night out without the accommodation.

    Send out a save the date invite and explain about the hen night explain about cost and whats happening. If you give plenty of notice then £55.00 is not a lot to save. If you only give them a month or so then people will probably moan about the cost.

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    It's not outrageous but that doesn't neccesarily mean they want to pay it. You need to talk with each person you plan on inviting and ask THEM if they want to spend that much on your bachelorette/hen night. Let them know exactly what their money is getting them. You can't just sign contracts and make these plans then go "Oh by the way you owe me 55 for my hen night".....not unless you plan to pick up the tab for anybody who says they can't afford it or just don't want to come.

    Even though your MOH is disorganized she needs to be the one sending out the invitations. I dunno about everybody else but I would think it very strange for a bride to announce invites to her own party unless it's the actual wedding.

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    That sounds reasonable to me, but I don't think you'd be out of line doing an informal e-mail straw poll or your bridesmaids and other proposed guests. I think £55 for accommodation, buffet, cocktails and entertainment is a good deal, and I expect most of your friends will agree. Sounds like fun!

  • Well, I would throw the idea out to the girls and let them decide before you make an absolute decision. Some may be hurting from the expense of buying a dress, shoes, hair, nails, gift....they may feel obligated and resentful for having to fork out more for this. You should also let them throw it for you. Let them know you think it would be fun, but don't throw the party for yourself. People are already giving a lot for a wedding they shouldn't feel like they have to endure another cost.

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    That's a reasonable price. Compare it with some of the packages available - there are a number of specialist hen party companies on

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    The MOH and the bridemaids are the ones who should be handling the cost and the planning for the bachelorette party. Since you're the bride, you should only get a limited amount of input. It's in very bad taste for the bride to throw her own bachelorette party. That's like someone throwing their own birthday party. You claim your MOH is very unorganized. This is why you have bridesmaids to help her out.

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    Personally I think it outragious that these days people who have hen night or stag do's expect their friends to fork out loads of money in order to celebrate the event.

    It's acceptable to go out for a meal and drinks and expect your mates to pay for themselves but to expect them to fork out for a hotel or whatever I don't think is right.

    I wouldn't go to any of my friends hen nights or birthday celebrations if they expected me to pay loads of money towards it .

  • Average accommodation will set you back around £50 per room, so unless you're all sharing one bed, I would allow for a bit extra.

    Source(s): I work in a country hotel
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