My computer keeps randomly shutting down. This is a can I fix it?

My computer keeps randomly shutting down. This is a can I fix it?

I've had the PC about 2 months, and roadrunner about 5 weeks. It started happening about the time I got online. It happens once or twice a day, sometimes more or less. It's so random. It just shuts down as if someone pulled the plug or hit the power button.

I thought it was a power problem so I bought a surge protector...that did nothing. I thought it was a virus...but my anti-virus scans pick up nothing.



Not getting a bsod...and currently i have a free antivirius called avg and windows antivirus.

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    If nothing you found here is working, try doing this. Very simple to do. Sorry about your luck! Did you try system restore? If you want to go back to when you had your comp almost new, you must first save any important files ( files that you use ) to a CD or floppy.... in Windows XP......go to start, all programs, accessories ( second column ), system tools, system restore ( bottom, right column )

    close all other windows, before using this. Then Restore to an earlier date. After your done, restart your ( comp. ) windows. Good luck!

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    4 years ago

    Probably heat related. Check the air flow, and check for dust bunnies. If found, get rid of them. They are evil. If you are comfortable, test the output on the power supply with a meter. If your PSU is serving up dirty (or bad) voltage, you will have problems. If you think it's the electrical in the room, try using it somewhere else, even another house for a while, and see if the problem persists. Also check the event viewer for any errors that may help lead to the reason. If it is not heat related and it is a program or service, the event viewer is where you will find it. Get to it by: Right click My computer Manage Event Viewer Focus on the System and Application logs. Look for the Warnings(yellow) and Error(red) logs, note the time to see if it coincides with when the PC shutdown on its own or rebooted on its own. I've fixed many a problems troubleshooting with the event viewer. Good Luck

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    Check for physical problems:

    1) Is the power cord loose?

    2) Open the case: check the cables for each - is anything loose?

    3) Look at all the fans - is everything spinning, including the CPU fan?

    Since this is only 2 months old, you can only check so much. Easier to make use of that warranty because if it's not the above, then you'll have to do hardware diagnostics (could be memory/board mismatch) and that can be a bit tricky.

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    1 decade ago

    Most likely a heating issue. If your CPU has a problem distributing or releasing the heat your computer will shut down until it cools down which can take anywhere between 1-5 minutes

    Check and see if your fan is working properly and its fastned as it should be. Check for dust too. Try also and remove the side panel on your tower so the heat can escape, in case there is an airflow problem.

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  • 1 decade ago

    hey ive had similar probs umm u might be getting a bsod? (blue screen of death) comes up just before it turns off? what ull probably need to do is get ur operating system reformatted. this will loose all your files however so back them up someware, also check that none of your parts have screwed up ram can often die and will shut down unless u underclock it in wich case get a refund

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    It could be a Power Supply problem (the one inside your PC).

    You should go back to the manufacturer/dealer where you got it from, as it's very new.

    If you built it yourself you could try another power supply.

    If you have added hardware to the original Power Supply it may not be powerful enough.

  • 1 decade ago

    try one of the following,

    >restart your PC 5x

    >check all of your extension cords

    >upgrade or replace your anti-virus software

    >get a lock to protect your switches from accidental power shut down


  • 1 decade ago

    what OS are you running??before u reinstall your os, if you are running Xp or Vista u can try a system restore, boot to your OS disc, i think u need to hit R , to run system restore..... It will Tell you.. Good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    Sounds like it's overheating....................

    clean your pc inside and get rid of dust. Otherwise buy some more fans and replace power supply if needed.


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    1 decade ago

    maybe it's the power supply... but first try to install other antivirus and spyware... what antivirus do u have?

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