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Movie Review(300字) 20分

作一篇約300字既中五程度既 Movie Review

唔好用太深既 words..Please 中五程度

In about 300 words,write a review about a movie you like.

1) Name of Movie (Date of Production)

2) Actors etc- good / poor

3) theme / Plot of movie - what is it about

4) Location of moce - good / poor e.g. scenery etc.

5) Musical score

6) What did you think of the movie - good / poor

7) Is it suitable for general audience , why ?

8) Is it attractive ?

9) Moral behind the Story .



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    You may refer to this one and make some changes:


    Night at the Museum



    Reviewed by Mostic

    Young man Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is looking for an easy ride when he takes a job as a nightwatchman at the Metropolitan Museum of National History. All looks fine until unusual things start happening, such as the case exhibits coming to life during the night hours.

    It starts off with the skeletal T-Rex, then it's a stroppy matchstick size Roman soldier (Steve Coogan) and his legion of similar clad soldiers followed by Owen Wilson popping up as a miniature cowboy looking to run Daley over with a tiny model train.

    There's live monkeys, lions, explorers, Robin Williams on a horse as Theodore Roosevelt and even the madly violent Attila the Hun and his band of followers. This is history literally coming to life and leads to all kinds of comic possibilities.

    By the morning, all the exhibits have returned to their cases but left behind signs of mayhem that museum conservator (Ricky Gervais) isn't going to be happy about.

    If only that was all that was going on. Daley has to work out why the exhibits are restless, and luckily horsey rider Roosevelt is going to work with Larry to expose a dastardly plot involving other Museum staff.

    Night at the Museum has bags of potential as a comedy, but ultimately it ends up being a bit hit-and-miss lacking just a good few more gags and a higher grade of farce.

    That said, there are worse films out there to take the kids to (such as Happy Feet!), this will make history come alive in young eyes which can't be a bad thing and cameos from the likes of Dick van Dyke, Steve Coogan and Owen Wilson give reasonable if patchy support to Stiller

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