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您好,這份是有關於外國人對於台灣的認識,問卷內容包羅萬象,我們將針對此份問卷作學術性的研究,並採取記名、公開合照的方式進行。感謝您的配合!  XX敬上





















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    Hi!This survey is about the knowledge of foreigners towards Taiwan. It covers a variety of questions. The survey is for educational and technical purpose and it is conducted nominatively with photographs taken on public. Thank you for your cooperation!

    Yours sincerely

    (The following questions are answered by ticking them off)

    1. Which educational museum do know in Taiwan?

    2. Which temple in Taiwan impresses you most?

    3. Which outdoor scenic resort do you know in Taiwan?

    4. Which national park in Taiwan impresses you most?

    5. Which well-known landmark in Taiwan do you know?

    6. Which theme park in Taiwan do you know?

    7. Which night market in Taiwan impresses you most?

    8. What product have you purchased in Taiwan?

    9. Which shopping district do you usually go in Taiwan?

    10. What is your favorite county or city in Taiwan?

    11. Which Taiwanese food impresses you most?

    12. Which Taiwanese literature and art culture do you know?

    13. Which shopping mall or department store have you been to in Taiwan?

    14. Which Taiwanese endangered species do you know?

    15. Do you know that whale-seeing is one of the recreational activities you can do in eastern coast area?

    16. Have you ever taken a hot spring in Taiwan?

    "do you know"也可以和"have you heared of"替換,但就不是"您知道"而是"您聽過",但我個人是認為"have you heared of"在英文聽起來比較順耳

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    Hello, this is concerns to the foreigner regarding Taiwan's understanding,

    Asked the volume content is comprehensive, we will aim at this share to ask the volume will do the academic research,And adopts records a name, the public group photo way carries on.

    Thank your coordination!---------- presents respectfully

    【Below question does answers way for to hit cancels 】

    1. Which education do you know the Taiwan and the museum?

    2. Which temple do you most have the impression to the Taiwan?

    3. Which Taiwan famous outdoors scenic spot do you know?

    4. Which country park do you most have the impression regarding the


    5. Which Taiwan famous terrestrial reference do you know?

    6. Which subject amusement park do you know the Taiwan?

    7. Which night market do you most have the impression regarding the


    8. Which kind of goods did you once purchase in Taiwan?

    9. Which business circle do you often go to window-shop in Taiwan ?

    10. Which county city do you most like the Taiwan?

    11. Which kind of food do you most have the impression regarding in


    12. You know the Taiwan what kind of literary arts the culture?

    13. Which shopping center and the department store have you gone to

    the Taiwan?

    14. Which kind of care class animal do you know the Taiwan?

    15. You knew east Taiwan the seacoast may take ship enjoy the whale?

    16. You have malingered in Taiwan?

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