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    Jews, Christians, and Muslim Palestinians lived in Ottoman Palestine for centuries without a lot of problems. I empathize with the (Muslim) Palestinian people because they were a majority in Palestine up until the mid-20th century. The British and UN "solutions" were poorly conceived (c.f. Balfour Declaration), focused much more on domestic pressures, and paid very little attention to the indigenous peoples of Palestine, even though, under Wilsonian principles of self-determination in the post-Ottoman, post-WWI era, the Palestinians should have asserted their rights and have been recognized as free and independent- not a pathetic British mandate subject to the vagaries of a very biased, subjective British government (the British have time and again revealed their inherent cultural and historical biases, c.f. attitude towards Greeks during and after WWII. Greece being viewed as the "paragon" of civility and democracy, it received much more support than other East European nations that were more instrumental in winning the war. Zion has a cultural and Biblical connection not rooted in geopolitics, explaining some of the policies towards Palestine). Such is British hypocrisy.

    And the 1967 war certainly made matters much worse, something Israel must recognize as a problem it created by itself. (That Israel was attacked or that it was likely to be attacked is certain, but this is no justification for wholesale land grabbing, especially not Jerusalem, which has always been recognized as principally an international city).

    Palestine should be a free and independent state. But both sides must agree to the needs of the other. Israel must be safe from attacks on its soil, Palestine must have the resources to survive economically and politically, and human rights on both sides cannot be trespassed. Finally, Palestinians cannot be forever "banned" from Israel.

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    Two state solution.

    It's been in the cards now for decades.

    And decades past the time the Palestinian people accepted that.

    If Palestinians and Orthodox jews can live in the same neighborhood and get along here in NYC they can do the same between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean.

    After all,why,after travelling thousands of miles and despite the conflict do Palestinians choose to live in a century old ORTHODOX jewish neighborood here in Brooklyn?

    Because Palestinians and jews,even american jews have far more in common than most folks are willing to recognize.

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    sounds like a good idea, lets give them part of Iran to call their own, so that they get out of Israel

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