My ear was clogged last night so i used a q tip and i guess i pushed the wax back and now i cant hear anything

it hurts when i burp too, its been clogged all day, i used some ear drops today (cvs brand) and its still clogged! i even got desperate and carefully stuck a tooth pick in my ear and scraped out as much wax i could. its kind of working but I need help! no money for a doctor and no insurance...GREAT

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    Happens to me all the time. Listen to "kissmyirishass_90".

    Thats what I partially do. But there are times that the wax is so concentrated that I have to add another product.

    "Similasan Ear Wax Relief, Homeopathic Ear Drops

    Are the ear drops for plugged ears? If so do the peroxide treatment first. Then after a while put the CVS drops in if its for wax build up. When this happens to me it take a day or so sometimes to clear up. With repeated treatment.

    Also,I read a dentist on answers uses his WaterPic on a low pressure for stuffy ears. When I had a doctor do mine years ago he used a device like a WaterPic to jet the plug out. Of course be careful and don't use extreme force.

    The worst part of it is not hearing out of the ear. Don't worry with some patients and repeated treatment it works.

    But if you have any extreme pain like an ear infection or a fever do to a doctor.

    P.S.Since I posted there have been many great suggestions as kissmyirishass_90" has suggested.

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    First, never use a Q-tip to clean out ear wax. But you know that already. Rule is never stick anything small than your elbow in your ear.

    I used Hydrogen Peroxide. A drip or two then lay down on your side with the plugged ear facing upward. You should hear the peroxide foaming, breaking up the wax.. Let that work a few minutes. Then take a wash cloth and lay down the opposite side a few more minutes and let the fluid and some wax drain out of the ear.


    Do the same thin the following day. If it's still plugged, go see a doctor and they will clean it for you.

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    Try the peroxide technique or get an OTC ear wax drop.

    This again is why they need to stop selling q-tips. As another person said on here... never stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Only a qualified audiologist should be cleaning ears, IMO. Most doctors aren't trained properly either.

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    well whatever you do, do not push anything else into your ear because you will cause further damage, you may also blow your ear drum by sticking items, such as a tooth pick, in your ear. I do not know what you can do with out a doctors help. What they do in the doctors office is use a syringe full of warm, not hot, water and use the pressure to remove the wax. I don't recommend doing this yourself but if that's all you can afford that's how you would do it. good luck, hope this helps!

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    Depending on what ear drops you got, you probably need to get a wax removal kit, which has a liquid that dissolves wax and a miniature rubber syringe for squirting warm water in to wash the softened wax out. CVS should have them.

    Wash cloth soaked in hot water then wrung to damp and folded and laid on the ear to soften.

    Tooth pick is stupid, but you survived, paperclip with rounded end as scooping tool is less stupid. You may need to spend a few hours in an emergency room if hearing is still gone in a day or two.

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    Is there any way you can get a hold of one of those disposable ear wax tools? And then you'd be able to have someone use a light and scrape it out. But quit trying to do it yourself! & Don't use a toothpick!

    Btw. If you clean your ears after the shower everyday you won't have this problem.

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    tilt your head sideways and put peroxide in the lid and stick it to your ear and let it run in your ear.

    do that until your ear fills up.

    and let it stay there for about 5 minutes

    (this loosens all the wax)

    now tilt your head BACK to the opposite side and let the remaining peroxide run out of your ear.

    GENTLY wipe out your ear with the qtip.

    My gramma taught me this.

    shes a mom of 5 and grandma of 30+

    it works on me.

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    Q-tips are the worst to stick in your ear. I use a bobby pin(for hair) or a small key to clean out the wax. You might try pouring in some hydrogyn poroxide(with your head layed down, ear up, and rinse it a few times then, rinse it in a hot shower. Good luck!

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    That happened to me when i was six, i had to go to the doctor and he removed it with tweezers and scratched my ear drum in the i would be careful regaurdless of what you do, and maybe ask a friend for help. But you may end up needing a doctor.

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    use rubbing alcohol and put it in your ear tip your head over so it doesn't come out obviously it should work hold for about 20-30 seconds.

    Let me know if that was any help.

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