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I want to set up a website for my very small business, spending the least amount of money.?

I have created a website and from what I can understand, I need a domain name and web hosting service??? Is this correct and does anyone know a good and free/cheap one??? please help, I don't really know what I am doing!!!


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    Yes, you are correct. You need a domain name and a web host. I would personally stay away from a free web host. You will not get the traffic that you want from a free site. Most hosts will register your domain name for you. I suggest that you take a look at several options. When selecting a web host first compare feature-by-feature then dollar-for-dollar. This will ensure that you get the best fit and the most for your money.

    I did just that and found a web host that assists those who are beginners or experts. You can look at them as one of your options at


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    Well, not to dissuade you too much, but I don't know that right now is the best time to venture out into your own business. With the economy flailing like it is, the business environment is pretty shaky. Keep in mind that if you do start your own, you will have things like healthcare insurance that you will need to get on your own, and it can be extremely costly. I know an acquaintance who tried to start his own business earlier this year, and he is really struggling. When the economy tightens up, there is less money available for companies and individuals to spend, so unless you are providing an absolutely necessary service or product, you run the risk of defaulting. Not to mention the fact that if you leave your job, and the business does fail, you may have a hard time finding a similarly paying job again. I would suggest keeping your full time job, and doing a little something on the side to see what the market is like. If you get so busy that your regular job becomes a nuisance, then you can make a decision aobut what to do. If you find that you are not very busy, then maybe you can decide to wait until the economy levels out a little. I am not trying to be a dream killer - I am all for small businesses, and I too have a dream to have my own one day. I just don't know if now is the best time. And, as everyone will tell you, it's all about timiing. Good luck to you : ) UPDATE : After re-reading your Q, I can see that you had already thought about all that. My bad! Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders, and are being responsible. I wish you the best.

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    Take a look at In total, the website cost about $200 bucks for two years of hosting and the domain. Used wordpress and just picked a template that I liked. Then, tweaked it to suit my needs. I'm not a programmer or anything. If you are the slightest bit technically inclined, i think it's pretty straightforward. In addition, wordpress has several plugins which make it really easy to add functionality (have ads on your website, etc.)

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    Thirdsphere allows you to build quickly and easily pages

    in a fraction of the time it would take to use HTML.

    If you can use a word processor, you can build your

    web pages.

    Some of the features include:

    1. Follow-up Autoresponders

    2. Secure digital product delivery

    3. E-zine and newsletters

    4. 2-Tier affiliates program

    5. Advertising trackers and ROI calculation

    E-Book Publisher

    ThirdSphere allows you to publish a professional ebook,

    newsletter, e-brochure and any other kind of digital


    Simply type your document into MS WORD, enter your e-mail

    address and press a button and in a few minutes you get

    a perfect PDF version of your document via e-mail.

    Web Traffic building and Search Engine Tools

    You are given a variety of search engine tools that

    include a keyword searcher, a meta-tag builder,

    and a search engine submitter that sends your website

    to 40 different search engines.

    You also get a selection of tools to drive thousands

    of visitors to your website:

    1. An E-zine and newsletter finder to advertise your

    site or to submit your articles.

    2. A classifieds Ad submitter.

    3. A pop-up window generator and more!

    Click here for full details of how to make

    your own web site with Thirdsphere:

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    I own a web development company called eVentureBiz. We host websites, blog about how to grow and think like an entrepreneur, and host a community forum geared for entrepreneurs.

    Take it from me, I've owned a few businesses and invest in real estate, don't try setting up a business using free web hosting.

    Here's an article I wrote about it:

    If you like, we can host your website. It's only $83.40 / year which breaks down to $6.95 per month. That's not a lot of money considering you want to start a business. Our accounts include free software to set up shopping carts, blogs, forums, wiki and all that.

    I'm very interested in helping people learn how to become successful in their business.

    Take care and good luck,


    ceo and founder of

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    For domain name registration, you can choose godaddy. Google godaddy and follow the link, you can get a domain for about $7/year.

    For free hosting plans, you can take a look at:

    There you can find a lot of free hosting plan offers, and you can find many reviews about them.

    But, personally, I don't suggest you go with a free plan if you have around $10/month to spend. Paid hosting is more reliable, support is much better, and you can get more features (e.g. more domains allowed, bigger mysql db, bigger disk space, etc.). is a good place to compare features and price of hosting plans.

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    1 decade ago is really cheap and really easy to create a website...i think it's like $50 a year or something like that?! i had no idea what i was doing when I first started working online, and I created my website with them in less than 30 minutes.

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    You could also try Site Build It, which is easy enough to find on Google. They offer a wide range of products for new sites and can help you in a lot of ways. I had them for a while, but had to close my site because I lost interest in the subject my site was dedicated to.

    Anyway, I hope this helps.

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    Here I found a good resource that teaches you how to make money online

    I'm following their method and I'm making good money. I'm sure you can find it interesting as well.

    Good Bye

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    When I owned my own business, I used Yahoo here. About 3 years ago, they were charging maybe $9 a month.

    If you go with them, they have a little download called Yahoo site builder. It's not too bad.

    Good luck!

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