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Should I get Rainbow six Vegas 2, or Dark Sector? Your opinions??

I had the first rainbow six vegas, and i loved the single player, the co-op ist hunt online was great but it can get really laggy when playing with others in match and others with more players involved, also the graphics for online play were nowhere near the single player which really takes away from the experience, also now that i have COD4 why should i put up with half decent graphics and laggy play when i can just play that. but i am wondering if vegas 2 will be different in that matter,other than online, better graphics (atleast in single player) ranking system, and new guns, this looks to me like a remake. Dark sector i dont really know to much about i just think it looks like it might be good, however it has way to much in common with gears of war. i want to get something before GTA IV, im just not sure, also does anyone know if there is a demo of condemned 2 coming to PS store, cause says there a demo coming soon and there was a demo for the first on

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    I haven't played the first Rainbow Six Vegas game, but I've seen some gameplay footage and it looks pretty good. When it comes to Rainbow Six Vegas 2, the graphics should be improved significantly. The developers weren't even used to developing for the PS3 and the graphics weren't that great, as developers get more and more used to the PS3's hardware (especially 3rd party developers) the graphics will improve compared to earlier 3rd party games in 2007.

    However, I'm very disappointed with Dark Sector. Recently on, one of the producers/game developers for Dark Sector came out and stated that the Xbox 360 version of Dark Sector will run better on the 360 and something else also that dealt with the Online.

    The developer for Dark Sector said that development for the game was running pretty smooth on the PS3, but in later stages of development, they ran into problems.

    I was actually looking forward to Dark Sector, and I was willing to buy it even without reading a review about it first, but now I don't even want to buy it. If I were you, I would definantly read a review on the PS3 version of Dark Sector just to make sure that the game didn't turn out really crappy in comparision to the 360 version.

    For now, I think that it would be best to just go with Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Dark Sector comes out near the end of this month, so there will be plenty of time to read a review. You probably already know what to expect from Rainbow Six Vegas 2, so go ahead and go for it.

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