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dont u hate it when ur riding public transportation..............?

like d bus, and the doors open to let passengers out but instead, the idiots waiting outside jump in first...... i mean dont they no that they should let ppl off the bus to make more room for more passengers like themselves!!!!! so freaken annoyen!!!!

they need to pass the stupid samaritan law..........give ticket out to these idiots and make them wear dunce caps for the whole day........n those who signal at the last minute u know, while they're making their turn..... retards!!!


for those u feel that u enter thru the front and exit thru the back, ur freaken ridiculous!!!!! if im sitten in the front of the bus, like right behind d driver, do u think it makes sense to walk all the way to the back just cuz ppl dont have common sense!!!

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    I've experienced the same thing on elevators. I can't even get off before they get on sometimes.

    It's just rude to barge onto a bus, elevator or any form of transportation before people can get off at their stops.

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    I so agree with you, when it happens I just want to ask them if they sent common sense on a one way ticket vacation. One time the driver himself told the ones who were storming up on the bus to get back down to let the ppl get down. Here our buses have only one door so when this happens, I don't know whether to laugh or bang my head against the front seat.

    There are also those who nearly let the bus surpass them before making a sign that they want to catch that bus.

    Others ring the bell either many mins before that the driver forgets that they ever rang, or exactly on the bus stage which makes the driver wonder what stop they want.

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    Of course.

    In buses in New York and New Jersey, their impatient and they enter the front door when people try to exit unless driver told them to.


    1. Some people does not check if someone's getting out. This always happen.

    2. Some people has mind of their own.

    It not only buses.

    Same thing on subway system.

    Even the announcement state clear, "Let the people off the train first" and it repeat, people never listen. They just step in as people exit.

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    The routes not at all pass the place i could desire to pass so a visit that takes 10 minutes via vehicle takes 30 on the bus plus a walk of 5 or 10 minutes. yet i assume extra persons would be employing public transport interior the destiny!

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    that stuff makes me laugh when I'm in a good mood, but then pisses me off when I'm in a bad one. Most of the time those same people complain about the same thing when they're trying to get off.

    Agree w/ you that if those ppl just waited a few seconds they could get on w/o dodging others and probably find a seat as well.

    Source(s): riding the train and buses for years and years and years.
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    Honestly, I've never had such a problem, and I rode the bus for four years in college (graduated two years ago, just to put that statement in perspective). You go out the back door, you come in the front door. Never had any congestion problems on campus.

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    You mentioned "retards." Maybe you're on the wrong bus and have been taking the medical-handicapped bus that people with disabilities can take.

    Or, perhaps you're just frustrated with people and have used retards as an offensive insult.

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    Well some people don't ride everyday. They don't know how it's done. I'd say you're HIGHLY overreacting. Step back and look at yourself! You want to punish people for getting on a bus the wrong way!

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    Yes, I do. In Junior High, kids should have to watch a public etiquette video and do an essay on it. I'm sure it would make older people exercise it much more.

    Source(s): Intelligent Junior High student. ;)
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    I totally agree with you..I hate those kind of people..sounds like a very unruly behaviour..if they never ridden , can they not watch what others are doing before they jump in..??

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