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MLB 2K8 for the Wii?

I have a Wii and a PS2 and Im really interested in this game. I know there is no online, trading card and minor league teams but.....

For Franchise Mode, do they have the ability to control a team's ticket prices (finances/attendance as well) and the player morale system? What game/version is Franchise Mode similar to (ie. 2K7 for PS2)?

What other modes are there? Exhibition, Franchise, GM.......

Does it have the "Skybox" feature?

I haven't played a baseball game since MLB 2K6 and I lost track of all the baseball series. So it would great if you guys reply. Thanks.

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    In MLB 2k8 the franchise is simlar to 2k6 not much of a difference just a couple of differences. Also the wii version as inside edge which is an advanced scouting system that helps you in the game and is a really neat feature. Anyways in the franchise mode i am not sure about ticket prices i haven't really checked but pretty much everything is there. It has all you standard features franchise exhibition homerun derby and of course skybox mode. O yeah there is also a morale feature in franchise and whats cool about it it tells you what is making you guy happy and mad. For instance some player will be upset with lineup spots. And others will be fine were they are at ussally depending on how good they are. Of course you can also play mutliple seasons, because i simlated a season to see and it gives you a good offseason option as well like the draft and free agency and such. Basically this game is 2k6 with a little better ai better fielding and uniqe controls. If you got to choose between the wii and the ps2 pick up the wii version because of the controls however if you got a 360 or ps3 pick it up on that system. Its a pretty good game overall i though and quite addicting. You shouldn't get bored with it.

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    I don't know too much info. on this game, but I think that it should probably have the features of 2k5-2k7

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