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The NBA Standings?

Why are the Utah Jazz the 4th because the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns have a better record than them. They've been #4 for about a week now. Shouldn't they be all the way in the 6th Spot?

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    I think by the end of the season the Suns will have a better record than the Rockets. The reason the Utah Jazz are in 4th seed is because they are leading their division.

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    thats because the first 4 seeds of the conference are determined by the 4 division leaders, so even though Utah has a worse record than the likes of Houston and Phoenix they will be higher since they are a division leader.

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    The Utah Jazz are a higher seed because they are the Northwestern division leader. Division leaders get higher seeds than non division leaders, regardless of their record.

  • The NBA says that if you are a division leader you can have the automatic spot of 1-4.....the Jazz are lead the Northwest Division...the guy above me doesn't realize that there are only 3 divisions in each conference....Hahahahaha!

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    I think it's because of the way they're ranked in their own division. That's probably the reason.

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    cuz they are divison leaders !

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