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Ethical question about a puppy adoption.?

Okay, so I adopted a puppy and I can't keep her. I would loooooooooooooove to find her a good home, and I think I have... but as I was reading the contract I actually have to return her to the shelter.... The shelter is no-kill... but I can't see myself taking her back there.................. She wasn't microchipped... but still... I'm torn.


But even though I have taken care of the puppy very well, I'm afraid they'll "judge" me for bringing her back only after a week..........

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    Just give her to another home. Those shelter contracts are not enforcible. Plus you don't want to risk her being euthanized or given to a bad home. Who do you trust to find a good home? you or someone else?

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    You really should take her back to the shelter. They go to GREAT lengths to find good homes for their animals, and there is a reason why they ask that you bring the dog back there. They want to be SURE that the dog is going to a good home, and are much more experienced than you are in re-homing dogs! You are legally bound to that contract, so do the right thing and take her back to the shelter.

    If you think you've found a potential owner, then tell them to apply at the shelter, go through the interviews, and make a donation to adopt the puppy from the shelter.

    What does a microchip have to do with anything?

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    You absolutely need to take the dog back to the shelter. First, you signed a contract that you would do so, but second, the shelter wants the dogs back because they care about where it ends up. So what if you get a little grief? You need to think about the best interests of the pup, not the best interests of you.

    Edit: :)- why would you counsel someone to be so unethical?

    Once again you encourage someone to do the wrong thing-is this on purpose or what?

    You can keep changing your user id, but we all know who you are by your answers. Give it up.

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    You signed a legal contract, and you must honor it.

    Shelter groups work very hard to do right by their dogs, and you need to let them do that - they will find another home for her, probably very quickly. They may even have someone who wasn't quick enough, who actually wanted a puppy and didn't get one.

    If you know someone else who is interested in adopting her, you can send them to the shelter so they can apply, but the first thing is to return her as soon as possible, so they can do what they work so hard to do best.

    And thanks for asking, and being honest - because you are.

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    You MUST take that pup back to the shelter. You signed a contract. You made a promise. This is a legal document and in addition, it is 100% the correct thing to do.

    They are going find a great home for her. They have resources you don't - processes to screen, an adoption application etc.

    Return her to the shelter.

    If you were to adopt her out on your own, what will do if the person you give her to ends up dumping her in the pound? A KILL shelter!!!!???? This organization will make sure that doesn't happen.

    You owe this to that puppy. Please live up to your promise to her and to the organization.

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    If they are no kill and you signed the contract, then you should probably take her back to the shelter. They will hopefully take good care of her. A lot of times when they ask to bring them back, that means they care a lot for the animals. When I adopted my dog, we had to get her spayed and then bring them proof that we had it done. So something like that could come up. If you ask, they let you know when she is adopted out again if that would give you peace of mind. Good luck and hope this has helped.

  • If that's what it says in the contract, then you bring her back to the shelter. If nothing else, tell them that you have someone who would be interested in adopting her, and see if they will approve the transfer.

    If you decide to "just do it anyway" they can (and may) come after you and take you to court if you violate the contract. And they would have legal standing to do so. Other groups have done it.

    If you didn't like the terms, you shouldn't have signed the legal document.

    I'm confused, though - in your other question you said you saved her from euthanasia. In this question you say it's a no-kill shelter. Plus it's only been what, a week?


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    Call the shelter, let them know the situation and tell them you have someone willing to take her. Some shelters will allow people to rehome pets as long as the shelter can screen and approve them. You can also call without giving any names or details about yourself and ask them how they would handle the situation...just say, "my friend". Or, your other option is to just give the dog to the person who wants her, just keep in mind some shelters do follow up calls months after adoption.

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    Take her back to the shelter, and take your "new home" with you- let them do the paperwork and see if they can adopt her that way. You have signed this contract, but they haven't. What happens if, despite your best efforts to make sure you found a good home, this new home falls through- they are under no such obligation.

    Introduce the parties and let this be worked out correctly.

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    If the shelter you are reffering to is anything like the shelters in my area, they are better equiped to find them a good home than you. They enterview the potentional owners, even come out to the home to make sure everything is good there. I know you may feel bad taking him back because its a shelter and not a new home, but unlike my shelter at least he wont be put to sleep. please take him back. Think about the puppy's future

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    If the individuals you would be getting those puppies from are below the impact that they are going to have an everlasting abode with you no its not ethical and makes you not something extra advantageous than a domestic dog jockey. you assert you at the instant are not produced from funds so how do you propose to fund this to start with?in spite of the fact that in case you provide the photographs yourselves a lot of those animals will nonetheless want vet care. mutually as you will possibly not consider the charges of adoptions on the shelters in fact what they charged for that canines will extra advantageous than not likely conceal all that became positioned into that distinctive canines. Non salary nonetheless have overhead to fulfill. so confident a rehoming fee is mandatory to conceal the fee of aspects, manpower and amenities not donated to them. What approximately transportation matters? have you ever even considered the community regulations on your section with regard to merchandising animals? you would be unable to easily call your self a rescue. one would additionally assume you artwork finished time so how do you propose to make time via your self to do very own and vet references? abode exams? etc. You propose properly yet you will desire to extremely look on the vast image. in case you relatively need to accomplish a little good exchange right into a foster for a guard/rescue. That way you are able to open up area for extra animals.

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