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Tips on potty training and stopping the biting for my puppy ASAP???

Ok my puppy is three months old and she is a malti-shihtzu.

I really need help with potty training her and stopping her biting... she bites EVERYTHING... it's becoming a problem...

please help!

I appreciate all suggestions!


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    potty training is easy.Its called Crate training.Put your puppy in the crate(cage) take her outside to pee or play only.Put her back when she gets sleepy or you

    Biting is another story.anytime she does this ,make that machine gun sound"AHAHAHah".This WILL work.It indicates your not pleased with that behavior.

    Edit,if you go to Petsmart in Louisville

    ask for Kelly,tell her Tom sent ya'

    She'll teach ya' the ah ah ah ah ah technique

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    Hi, I understand that you are looking for some advice or resources to help fully train your dog or fix behavior problems. If a professional dog trainer is not an option at this time, or if you want to trt training your dog on your own (a great way to bond), I'd suggest you

    A friend recommened it to me a few years ago, and I was amazed how quickly it worked, which is why I recommend it to others. The dog training academy also has as an excellent home training course.

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    When your puppy has an accident on the floor, don't scold it, just simply pick it up and bring it outside. (This will be an on going neccesity until your puppy learns) Crate training is an excellent technique in preventing a puppy from chewing and also potty training as well. Most pets won't go where they sleep. Also on the chewing provide your puppy with lots of chew toys and if he starts to chew on something, remove him from the object and give him a chew toy. (This is also going to be repetative until your puppy learns)

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    crate train and buy her more toys.


    blue puppy kong and get her a ball you can put her treats inside, so she is learning how to occupy herself. Puppies need to chew, think of it as her job to develp those little teeth. a rope is good for them to chew on too. Ice cubes (though your little one may be too small for those), walk her little puppy *** around the block a few times until she is exhausted, because it only gets more active from here, especially with little ones.

    She is acting like a normal puppy, they need constant attention, just like an infant. If you think her teeth are bothering her, check with petsmart or vet about teething stuff. Every time she chews something you dont want her to, DONT SCOLD HER, just pick her up and place her in front of something she can chew on. and then PRAISE HER for chewing on good stuff.

    Potty training...

    Get a crate, Never train her with puppy pads. the only place you want her to pee is outside, and trust me this takes a week or two of all attention on the doggie. so honestly, if you want it to work and work fast, cancel all of your plans for the next two weeks. Take her out (even if it is ehausting!!) every hour, take her to the same spot. and give her a treat EACH TIME< even if she doesn't pee. We used to stuff the treat in our doggies mouth the INSTANT he was done peeing. he would go straight from the crate PICKED UP,and not put down until we were at the pee spot. They can not be trusted yet to walk from the crate to teh door.. If they get off track at all, they will inevitably pee on the carpet on the way over. so that means the dog gets picked up EVERY TIME. Even if your dog does not need to pee, go outside Anyway. Every hour. I spent two weeks having a pee party with my doggie just last month when we first got him home. And if puppy does make a mistake, DONT SCOLD, just ignore and clean it UNLESS YOU ACTUALLY CATCH THEM IN THE ACT, then you can scold, and put them outside or wherever the time Out spot is. Some would say that a person shoudlnt have to cancel all plans, but my return comment is that you made the commitment to this doggie for the next 15 years. train it right, all they ask for is rules, love and loyalty. and you will find you get it back 10-fold from your baby maltzu.

    Puppy carpet cleaner from the pet store works better to neutralize acids better than grocery store brand. Clean spot very well as any pee left in it will attract doggie to pee there again.

    I do NOT recommend those Pee pads, because essentially you are training them to pee inside the house, and then untraining them to pee inside the house, even if you move the pads, why train them to be confused? why not just train them to do what you want the first time?

    Keep in mind, it is a habit that they need to learn. keep working with her, and pick up a good book on puppy training. you are asking good questions, but they can all very simply be resolved. No doggie is a bad doggie, but they do require training and attention, no matter how cute they can be.

    Also, AKC has tons of great articles. I know you won't qualify for AKC certification (she's a mix) but they have a great site.

    Source(s): My little Axle doggie came home at 8 weeks, was doggy door trained in a week and only made one mistake on the carpet. and honestly, that was probably my fault. but for two weeks, I cancelled everything and spent time with my doggie. Best dog I have ever had. at 11 weeks, I taught him how to play at the park and go down the slide with all the kids. He loves it and they do too!! I even have a little neighbor boy who asks if the dog can come out to play. ha ha , so cute!!
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    Well I have a German Shepard and in order to potty train him I had him stay in the room where I wanted him to do this business unfortunately the only room he could was the kitchen and I laid newspaper all over the entire room and took note of what area he normally did it in. Then I took up all the newspaper except in the area where he mostly did his business and left it there. I watched for signs that he wanted to do his business again and maneuvered him to the newspapered area. You want to leave his business ( pee not poop )in that one area.This lets him know that my pee stays only in this area so then only do my business(she'll catch on that its both pee an poop only by leaving the pee) only in this area. Make sure you do this until your dog knows only to do their business in that one area and your sure of it

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    get some of those little mats that they put in chairs 4 old people, place them in the bathroom, or by your front door, and he/she should pee on it, if he/she poops, scoop up the poop and take it outside, b4 u do that show him it nd scold him, then take it outside place it some where, bring him out afterwards and hav him smell it, then pet him and tell him he's good, and do that, it should work, ive broken over 5 dogs that way..bite his earn wen he bites you, soft at first, and if it persits, harder, and i know it sounds gross, but again, ive trianed many dogs this way..

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    u can use "bitter apple" spray for the bitting and chewing and for potty training take her out regularly and then increase the time between outings

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    you can go to your nearest pet-smart and they have dog obedience classes that you can bring your puppy to and or you can buy a dog obedience book

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    Obedience classes help, and so do reading these sites: and

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