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Ladies would you date an Asian man because...?

I recently read a survey study. According to the study, for Asian men to be equally successful with American women, they need to make at least an extra $247,000 compared to white men.

Why is that? Asian men already tend to make higher wages on average. They have a better success with marriage or a lower divorce rate. Why do we have to make so much money based on skin color?

Do American women care that much about social status?

Here's the reference:


For by girlygrl... I think he's nuts for turning you down.

Update 2:

I'm curious why and how American women perceive Asian men. I do like my Asian sistas too.

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    Who cares about equal finances, I'm an Asian female and I go through the same things as you. Money should have nothing to do with beginning a relationship. I dont know if you only wanted white women opinion, but personally I dont think social status is important at all. Just as long as your a good person and try to live a successful life theres no reason someone should think different just because your an Asian with money or without.

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    I have always found that Asian men are not attracted to white women. I don't think I have ever been asked out once by an Asian man, though I have by other races, including Native American. But that is not your question.

    I think some Asian men are very attractive, and some are really not, just as in any race. I am not a small woman at 5'7" and often am taller than many Asian men, which does not do a lot for me, or probably for them either.

    It would not be a question of money for me, though. I make enough on my own. It would be chemistry, compatibility, and the other intangibles.

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      They are shy. Trust me in their minds they are in serious love with you.

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    well, I think that this society is pumped with industrialism and commercialism and the BUY BUY BUY syndrome!!!

    Have 10 credit cards, lease a new car every 2 years, but gucci and d&g and all these brand names that you can't afford.

    The day right after 9/11 what did they say on the news???? GO SHOPPING!!! Show them that we are not afraid by going shopping with money you don't have.

    So yes, I'm afraid a lot of women in this society, including a lot of asian women, do care for social status!!! Most women like tall men. Whether they are as nice as a shorter guy or less nice. Most asian men are short.

    I think people have racism issues based on a lot of different things. I think that's really sad.

    U have to admit though, that asian women do look for social status too. Or is it just those that live in the US?

    U are right about the marriage longevity and the divorce rate ratios in comparison to the west. I wondered about that and what it means :)

    Good luck with your search

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    Asian women have been dating Asian men ever since the first one was available. That has been working out pretty good for Asians overall I would say, since there are so many Asians in the world. So it looks like you are already set-up, so go to it!

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    Asian men tend to lean towards asian women I'm guessing, which is why the study "shows" that asian men with american women requires that extra income. In reality, the number of asian men with american women is so low, that the test must not have been quite accurate.

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    who says it's skin color or social status? maybe it's height.....or body type...or facial structure.....or is in the eye of the beholder.Has there been any study done to see how many woman over 40 or over 250 lbs have been married by asian men? How about women already having 2-3 children? Maybe Asian men don't find these women attractive.....maybe , they do......just a provocative question......women usually fall for whoever they're attracted to, much to the chagrin of their well knowing family and if it takes an extra 247,000 to get their interest....I'm not sure they would have my interest if I was a successful Asian also bears the question in reverse....and that would be......"What is wrong with Asian women?"....I think they are "hot",,,and many, many men think so too......I do not believe there is any "social status" , negative or positive, attached to dating or marrying an Asian man.....yellow,red,black, or white....we are equal in his sight.....many women are "cultured" and date minorities without jobs where I Kansas City , MO.......hispanic, black,asian or maybe it's just a perception by the chicago educational magazine that you refer to as your's an old saying I live by...."Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear"......numbers and stats and studies can be manipulated to have any outcome desired....we both know that.......not a bad question though.....I just don't necessarily buy , what they're selling......and if it is true...then Asian men might want to think about avoiding these "gold-diggers"........I hope I didin't offend anyone with my's just my own personal observations and thoughts..........

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    Yes I would date an Asian man because I don't use race as a reference when I date; I date the person based on their personality

    And yes some American woman care too much about social status and we call them "gold diggers" :)

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    Yeah I guess some do. I definitely would. Those women just want the money. Women love rich men, but that seems a little on the racist side of things. As long as their personality is great, and they are attractive, who cares about skin color?

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    I find that study to be ridiculous. Women do like a man with money, because some women are shallow, money-grubbing hoes, however, the bulk of women don't really care about how much money you make and a good majority don't mind if you are Asian.

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    Huh? Asian males are VERY attractive to me. Blacks too. Medium height is best. And I can't stand my own white people! In terms of attractiveness, they're so boring! Hahah! Maybe I'm one of the few. Hmm.

    Status doesn't matter to me. Money is just something you use to get around. I wanna make MY OWN money. I base attractiveness on personality, intelligence, and a tiny bit on looks. I can be "bought" into liking someone if they have an amazing personality and share my beliefs. But that's just me.

    Surveys, remember, only take samples of a population...and their conclusions can only be generalized.

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