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buying used cars?

what are the most important things to look for when buying used cars, what are things that i should check about them to make sure they are good

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    Condition of Car


    Look for re-paint

    Check oil to make sure head gasket is ok

    Check Windshield

    Check for hail or fixed hail

    Look at the tires

    Make sure it has a clear, non salvage title

    Location of vehicle-Cold locations near salt water is bad

    Look for rust everywhere, door jams, trunk, bottom of doors and so on

    Make sure it drive good and the transmission shifts ok

    Take a good look at how the interior was taken care of

    Ask for look for Oil change reciepts

    Look at a carfax report

    This will get you started

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    Well you will want to check things, such as tail lights, brake lights, and valid plates before you even go on the test drive. Check the oil level & color, brake fluid, coolant (don't check it hot) copy the VIN and do an Autocheck report (or Carfax).

    On the test drive, turn off the radio and keep talking down to a minimum. Listen to the engine and feel how the car reacts to the road. Make sure there are no grinding or pulsating from the brakes when applying. Have a mechanic check it out if possible and when you get the title, make sure it has no blemishes, erasure marks, and that the VIN matches the car. Good luck!

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    I would say the most important thing to look for is,PRICE. When you go to the internet look for pricing at the "lowest to highest" mode. You can look at certified used cars, but that's high as heck. You will never find the perfect used car, but, you can find 1 owners through Carfax, and it may have been involved in a small accident. That's not really a totally a bad thing. But paying too much for a used car is bad. Look around, there are good people in the business and there are dealers who try to compete with each other on PRICE. believe that and look for bargains. But remember, on the internet what your finding most is the cars that haven't sold. Keep looking for deals. Good Luck BS

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    Once you've decided what type of vehicle that you want and what your needs are then can you begin your search. It's important that you do your homework before decing on a car. You'll want to consider: gas mileage, how many miles are on the car, condition of interior/exterior, whether or not it has been in an accident, is it being purchased from original owner, extended warranty available?, has it been regularly serviced?, resale value of car if appropriate, general repair costs for make/model of vehicle, and of course price. To help you out with all of this check out:

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