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What is Waltham Forest like as an area to live in London?

Im 24 and married, and I am looking to move into London with my wife. We are looking to buy, but will probably rent somewhere cheap for 6-12months to save for a bigger deposit. Waltham Forest seems convenient for us in terms of travel but what is the area like on the whole? Would you recommend anywhere within this area? What are the people like? Advantages / Disadvantages...

Thank you for your time.



I know it is quite a vast area but in know little of specific places there, if you can only answer on some specific places that is fine, for example if you can recommend Leyton and explain why but not on any other areas that will still be helpful to us.

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    Some bits are lovely, some on the other hand are sh*t. Loughton is an amazing place to live. Its modern, has great transport links (Central line of the Underground) and everyone is extremely friendly. Its also got all the required shops etc. Sainsburys is opposite the tube station!

    Epping and Woodford are also very, very nice!

    Then some bits are crap. Waltham Cross and Waltham Abbey are both chavy, and need modernising. Buckhurst Hill is a suburb of Loughton really, but its terrible.

    My advice is to drive around the areas before thinking of buying anything; if your not sure, use stereotyping - If the houses look chavy, the neighbours are wearing Nike hoodys and the cars parked in the road have no hubcaps, then you dont want to live there.

    Good luck on your search! ;)

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  • edick
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    Living In Waltham Cross

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  • Anonymous
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    Now is a good time to move here things have changed in the last 15 years under an urban regeneration. 21 high rise tower blocks big estates all have been redeveloped today there are only 2 towers one due to be the last knocked down. Many schools Host borough for the olympics advantages to make a buisness will profit great in the years to come. Its very diverse kind people mostly anyone can fit in here.

    Disavantages some areas have gun crime high robbery & theft of vehivles in areas like Leyton.

    Chingford- Biggest town many open feilds borders with Essex Forest lands open space least crime lots of big houses but no undeground station just national rail

    Walthamstow- Centre of the borough main shopping centre & shopping area longest market in Europe 1mile, many schools borough bus station two underground stations 3 national rail has open spaces walthamstow marshes main buisness centre of the borough. Has a quite village called Walthamstow Village. Most diverse part of the borough

    Leytonstone- One side has big houses quite clean peacfull the other half is like Leyton crime busy dirty one Underground station

    Leyton- Smallest town most city like in the borough/dense busy Host town for the olympics a stadium is being built there. Closest to the city highest crime most densely population divesre chepest poorest housing two of the bigest estate in the borough are in Leyton but have since been redevloped but due to olympics prices are going to be very high. Has two shopping areas football team many sports facitlities (golf course ice rank swimming cricket sports centre 2 football stadiums future olympics). Underground station & national rail. Opeen spaces Leyton Marshes. Stratford city which has just started being built only south of Leyton in the next 15 years will be another develepmomnt like Canary wharf, Skyscrapers many shops, Many jobs lots of housing the biggest redevelopment in Europe right now. Includes International station (Eurostar to France)

    You decide what part you like I live in Leyton but Id rather live in Chingford.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Waltham Forest is vast, you need to pinpoint somewhere

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