Whats going on between Colombia and Ecuador?

So Ecuador and Venezuela want to go to war with Colombia? Does this mean the U.S will get in it to because they are allies, or is the U.S to busy with it's own problems?

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    Ecuador is harboring a Columbian Terrorist Group, the FARC.

    Ecuador, doesn't really harbor them, they just do nothing at all, to prevent them from building bases in thier territory.

    Last week, Columbia attacked a FARC base that was inside Ecuador to kill a major FARC commander.

    Of course, attacking anyone inside another nation, without that nations approval, is an iffy thing.

    Compare that to the US launching an attack against al-quada members located inside Pakistan.

    Most americans would think that was justified.

    The US will not get into it, besides offering moral support, because we don't have to.

    Columbia's military is alot larger than Ecuadors military, far better trained and equipped.

    Even with Venezuela siding with Ecuador, Columbia still has a military twice as large as Venezeula and Ecuador combined, again, far better trained and equipped.

    The leaders of both Ecuador and Venezuela both have publicly supported FARC and support thier goals.

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    there's a militia attitude that Colombia has made its very own of pushing FARC south to the border with Ecuador. there is 720 kilometers of frontier line between Colombia and Perú. Ecuador has 1000's of squaddies retaining the frontier from those communities and from favourite Colombia's trasspasing. The terrain of the border interior the east of the highlands is dense jungle, very confusing to administration. Colombia does no longer have a suitable militia administration and would not desire to have that administration, thay desire the ecuadorian military to handle that. Now that the communities of Raúl Reyes trasspased the border they attacked half-hour after the ecuadorian radars have been became off, those became into planned extra beneficial than 2 weeks in the past the assaults and became into no longer communicated to the ecuadorian government, they threw bombs interior ecuadorian territory, took the physique of Reyes and left. Now Colombia and usa says that Ecuador is giving shelter to terrorist and Venezuela is financing them. they could have made a binational team to seize Reyes, yet they desperate to no longer. Uribe has a militaristic view and it somewhat is supported via the USA. If in easy terms Ecuador could have been the single bombarding interior Colombian territory and not notifying the colombian government, this could have escalated to a conflict. that is not a super deal, and that's because of the fact its a militaristic government that does no longer take care of international regulation. What if CUBA had to kill Posada Carriles, a "terrorist/freedom fighter" that blew a cuban commercial airplane, and threw bombs in US territory, could that be a super deal?

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    Yanks went home. They'll have to deal with it themselves.

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    is not our business so don't worry

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