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important events from the abolitionist movement?

What were the most

important events from the abolitionist movement

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    --1789: U.S. Constitution ratified with clause equating slaves to 3/5ths of a white citizen and provision that slave trade would end within 20 years.

    --1793: Eli Whitney’s invention of cotton gin sets stage for expansion of slavery in American South as short-staple cotton becomes economical product.

    --1817: The American Colonization Society is founded, espousing the return of African Americans to Africa.

    --1819: U.S. law equates slave trading with piracy, punishable by death.

    --1827: Jim Pembroke, a slave in Maryland, escapes and begins making his way northward, where he will rename himself James W.C. Pennington and rise to prominence within the African-American abolition movement.

    --1829: David Walker, a free African-American, publishes Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World, a radical pamphlet attacking slavery and the colonization movement. The Appeal invokes the rhetoric and spirit of the American Revolution, demanding: "See your Declaration, Americans!!! Do you understand your own language?"

    --1830: The first annual Convention of the People of Colour assembles in Philadelphia to organize African-American opposition to slavery and to discrimination in the free states

    --1831: January 1: William Lloyd Garrison begins publishing the Liberator.

    August 22: In Southhampton County, Virginia, Nathaniel Turner leads a small slave uprising that quickly spreads to neighboring plantations and within a few days kills some 60 whites before local militia contain the revolt. In reprisal, scores of slaves are interrogated, tortured, and killed by panicked slaveholders. Turner himself eludes captures for a few months, but is eventually jailed and executed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Abolition of slavery in D.C.

    John Brown's Raid

    Civil War

    Emancipation Proclamation

    Passage of 13th Amendment

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