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Answer and win points.?

Write the slope-intercept form to represent the problems and win ten points if you get the most right:

1) your given $75 to spend on vacation. You estimate that you will spend $15 a day. let Y represent the amount of money you will have left after x days.

2) ABC Limo company charges a daily rate of $200 plus $.25 per mile for a limo rental. Let C represent the cost of renting a limo for a trip of x miles.

3) You are looking at using a new phone company. The company charges $35 per month plus $.05 per minute on phone calls. let y represent the monthly bill you would receive for x minutes of calls.

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    Y= -15x+75

    C= 0.25x+200


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    Y = 75 - 15x

    C = 200 + .25x

    Y = 35 + .05x

    are you serious? are you in the second grade?

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