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Is Viktor Bout a terrorist or a freedom fighter?


It was just the first article about him that I came across. You can google him and see what you think. He's all over the news tonight.

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    Viktor didn't use taxpayer's money, so he is just an ordinary war profiteer.

    from site: h ttp:// vicktor_anatoliyevich_bout_aka_the.html?page=2

    ...the aircraft that first flew American military and their supplies into Baghdad during Desert Storm II were not American. They were Viktor Bout's cargo planes...

    ...although born and raised in the Soviet Union during the height of the cold war, he was and is a true capitalist. He'll sell to anyone - even both sides in the same war. After all, for a man like Viktor, war is money and choosing sides simply means limiting one's possible income.

    ...Viktor is the WalMart of the arms trade.

    Another site: h ttp:// 1021bout.htm

    ...His career as the world's premier illegal arms merchant began in 1993 when he left the KGB**(see my footnote) and began dealing arms from Belgium. Under pressure from the Belgian authorities, Bout moved his base of operations to the United Arab Emirates in 1997. ... Der Spiegel reported in January 2002 that an Israeli of Ukrainian background, Vadim Rabinovich along with the former director of the Ukrainian secret service and his son brokered a deal, selling 150-200 T-55 and T-62 tanks to the Taliban...

    Bout's US air operations included establishing Air Cess Inc. in Miami in September 1997 until the company was dissolved in September 2001. His agent, Richard Ammar Chichakli, a nephew of a former president of Syria fronted San Air General Trading, registered in Texas. After the 9/11, Chichakli said that Bout organized three flights transporting US military personnel to Afghanistan, but gave no further details.

    US ... used Bout to ferry arms shipments to the northern Alliance for its operations against the Taliban.

    I'd add :

    - He will sell you the rope to hang himself with.

    ** Footnote. factual mistake: - KGB was dissolved in 1991 (17 years ago) with the disintegration of Soviet Union. Since then the internal security agency of The Russian Federation is called FSB (Federal Security Bureau(Service), it usually has nothing to do with external affairs.

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    freedom combatants ended whilst they have been given the gaza strip administration. then they simply grew to become ordinary terrorists the place young human beings have been given $500 paid to their kin as quickly as they blew themselves up on a crowded bus in Israel.

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    I would answer your ?, but I vowed NEVER to read the trash the NY times puts in print. Sorry.

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