What are different countries doing to stop global warming?

I don't believe in global warming myself, but I was just wondering what steps countries are taking to actually do something about what they believe with this issue. Are there actually any plans on how they'll 'stop' global warming? Also, could someone tell me a bit about the Kyoto thing?

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    You don't believe in Global Warming or you don't believe that humans are a significant factor in causing Global Warming?

    Anyway, first off it is only in America that there is any debate about either of them, the rest of the world is pretty much decided on it and has opted to do something about it.

    Europe has high levels of tax on gasoline to reduce consumption, strict emissions regulations and low fuel consumption cars. Most countries offer grants for people to install renewable energy systems in their homes and all countries have massive building programs in place to increase the contribution that renewables make to electricity generation. There are targets for reducing landfill and increase recycling. There are new regulations for Building Energy Requirements to ensure less carbon output in their construction and in their operating costs. Standard lightbulbs are being outlawed in many countries and CFL's will be subsidised. All whitegoods have energy ratings and most people go for the most energy efficient. That's just a quick overview of some of the things being done to slow Global Warming by Europeans.

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    Polar ice caps have continuously been retracting and extracting (melting and freezing) each and every of the time, earth is going through those ranges certainly, human beings have little or no result on international warming, us of a changed into tropical, thats why we've coal, and we went through ice age that is why we've the finished lakes. in case you've self assurance in international warming its because you've been stimulated by utilising scientists who're actually telling you the convincing information to save getting funding. Al Gores charts take earths climate information over one hundred years and stretches them over till 2050 or perhaps with. theyre thoroughly distorted. Al Gore purely needs to tax us (Carbon credit). do not trust it, purchase a huge SUV or a muscle automobile if u go with, Burn rubber, use gasoline, its all no longer actual.

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    What do you mean you don't believe it? Global warming isn't religion - it's science. For a good quick overview of what's happening worldwide, check out http://pokerpulse.com/news/viewtopic.php?p=3603#36...

    http://pokerpulse.com/news/viewtopic.php?p=3593#35... and especially

    http://pokerpulse.com/news/viewtopic.php?p=3595#35... which includes an excerpt from an excellent New Yorker article that's about the best I've come across. Here's a sample:

    "Greenhouse-gas emissions have risen rapidly in the past two centuries, and levels today are higher than at any time in at least the past 650,000 years. In 1995, each of the six billion people on earth was responsible, on average, for one ton of carbon emissions. Oceans and forests can absorb about half that amount. Although specific estimates vary, scientists and policy officials increasingly agree that allowing emissions to continue at the current rate would induce dramatic changes in the global climate system. To avoid the most catastrophic effects of those changes, we will have to hold emissions steady in the next decade, then reduce them by at least 60-80 per cent by the middle of the century. (A delay of just 10 years in stopping the increase would require double the reductions.) Yet, even if all carbon emissions stopped today, the earth would continue to warm for at least another century. ...

    A person's carbon footprint is simply a measure of his contribution to global warming. (CO2 is the best known of the gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, but others - including water vapor, methane, and nitrous oxide - also play a role.) Virtually every human activity - from watching television ot buying a quart of milk - has some carbon cost associated with it. We all consume electricity generated by burning fossil fuels; most people rely on petroleum for transportation and heat. Emissions from those activities are not hard to quantify. Watching a plasma television for three hours every day contributes two hundred and fifty kilograms of carbon to the atmosphere each year; an LCD is responsible for less than half that number. Yet the calculations required to assess the full environmental impact of how we live can be dazzlingly complex. ... A few months ago, scientists at the Stockholm Environment Institute reported that the carbon footprint of Christmas - including food, travel, lighting, and gifts - was 650 kg per person. That is as much, they estimated, as the weight of "one thousand Christmas puddings" for every resident of England. ... "

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    Well global warming is not a process which could not be totaly stopeed but reduced. thhere are to strategies to cope with global warming, reducing GHG emission and second is adaptation.

    Countries are seeking alternative energy sources to reduce GHG emission, shifting in crop patterns, making strategies to cop with specie extinction and the population who are in danger.

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    India started selling Tea and Coffee in cups made out of clay instead of plastic cups.., Indians drink a lot Tea..

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    i too dont believe in global warming but what they are doing is

    turning off electricity at night, higher miles per gallon for cars, getting more efficent stuff and so on..

    they are wasting their time though which is the sad part :\

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