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Urine Questions?

1) Analysis of a urine sample reveals the presence of plasma protein, a condition called:

Dysuria, Albuminuria, Pyuria, Hematuria, Uremia?


2) Molecules secreted into urine as it is being formed in the nephron include which of the following?

Water, Nitrogen Containing Waste, Salts, Hydrogen Ions, All of the Above?


3) A sudden fall in urine volume is:

Uremia, Dysuria, Oliguria, Anuria, Pyuria?


4) Visualization of the urinary system via contrast dyes and X-ray examination is the test called:

Intravenous Pyelogram, GFR, Hydrolithotripsy, Cystoscopic Examination, Creatinine Clearance?


5) Which of the following signs and symptoms indicate the need for examination by a physician?

Dysuria, Blood or Pus in Urine, Edema, Both Dysuria & Blood/Pus in Urine, All of the Above

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    1.) Albuminuria

    Albumin is a protein that is in your plasma

    It's not Dysuria (thirsty), Pyuria (pus in the urine), Hematuria (blood in the urine)

    2.) All of the Above

    I included a link at the bottom of this that talks about what the kidneys filter. All of those are mentioned there :)

    3.) Oliguria

    Uremia means high wastes in the blood, it's what happens when someone's kidneys fail

    Dysuria, again is thirst

    Anuria is no urine output at all

    pyuria, again is puss in the urine

    4.) Intravenous Pyelogram

    I actually just saw one of these done 3 days ago

    5.) All of the Above,

    Being thirsty all the time can be a sign of diabetes, blood or pus in the urine is always a concern , maybe an infectino, edma can mean the body is retaining water. That's why I picked all of the above.

    Hope that helps :)

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